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People struggling with an addiction are in the powerful grip of a life-altering force, one that destroys families, endangers health and ultimately claims lives. Our goal is to save and improve those lives.

Our care involves assessing each person’s needs and delivering the most effective treatment to meet those needs. Our personalized treatment programs and long-term follow up create the best chance for recovery. This continuum of care has helped thousands of people to live longer, healthier lives.

10 Reasons To Choose Edgewood Health Network:

  • Convenience: We have nine locations across Canada
  • Assessments: We’ll help you find out whether you have an addiction or not
  • Individuality: Each client is an individual has a personalized care plan.
  • Confidential: Our offices are discreet, and we place treat our clients confidentiality with the utmost respect.
  • Education: Our counsellors are highly experienced and educated. Most are Masters level therapists.
  • Family Care: We have a wide variety of programs to help loved ones heal from addiction
  • Flexible: Our IOP and group therapy schedules are flexible, allowing you to continue to participate in work, school or family life.
  • Wagon: Our proprietary Recovery Planning App connects you to your counsellor and helps you stay on track after treatment.
  • A Relationship for Life: Our programs can take you through the first five years of recovery and beyond.
  • Community: Our programs incorporate peer-support and you will develop a network of recovery-minded friends.

Why Edgewood Health Network?

Edgewood Health Network (EHN) is Canada’s leader in treating addictions and associated mental health issues. Through a network of nine treatment facilities across the country, addressing both in-patient and outpatient needs, EHN is the largest single provider of adult addiction and mental health treatment in Canada.

With 50 years of proven history and experience, the Edgewood Health Network places a strong emphases on customized, long-term continuing care and support. Patients and families can be reassured that they are receiving high standards of care through accredited health care facilities.

You Can Always Find Us.

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  • Bellwood Health Services
  • Edgewood Treatment Center

EHN Toronto Outpatient Clinic
Contact Information:
Polly Florius
39 Pleasant Blvd., 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M4T 1K2
Tel: 647-748-5501
Fax: 647-748-1932

Email: info@edgewoodhealthnetwork.com

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