Christmas Recovery

Give the gift of recovery this holiday season!

In the spirit of thanks, Bellwood Health Services is giving the gift of recovery this holiday season. We know that when someone is struggling with addiction, there is no better place for them to spend the holidays than right here with us. Comforted by our caring staff and the warmth of our vibrant community, Bellwood promises you and your family the best holidays ever! We will help get you on the path to recovery and a new start in 2019.

The gift of recovery: 20% discount on residential treatment.

Promo code: NEWSTART2019

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of recovery and a new start in 2019. Be sure to mention promo code NEWSTART2019 when you call us. This offer is only available for admissions up until December 31st and in limited quantity. Only private-pay patients and families paying for patients are eligible for this offer. Other restrictions may apply.

"For the first time in years, I finally felt I was home for the holidays. Truly one of my best Christmases ever."
Grant J.
Edgewood Alumnus

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About Bellwood

At Bellwood we have been treating addiction and related mental health disorders for over 30 years. Our abstinence-based treatment model is rooted in the work of our co-founder, Dr. Gordon Bell, a pioneer in the treatment of addiction in Canada. Bellwood as an addiction treatment rehab centre is defined by our long-standing experience, combined with our commitment to excellent patient care.

Addiction impacts every area of a person’s life. We believe that treatment should therefore be holistic, and should address not only our clients’ psychological wellbeing, but also their physical health, social world, and spiritual life. This comprehensive biopsychosocial approach is reflected in our inter-professional team of counsellors, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, nutritionists, family therapists, and physical health staff. We strive to be strengths-based in our approach, believing that clients possess strengths and skills that can be built upon to serve their recoveries.

Bellwood’s clients benefit from our serene and secluded setting. This oasis of calm in the heart of Toronto gives clients a chance to heal – to take a break from their lives, gain some perspective, and begin to put in place plans and practise the skills that will be essential to their recoveries.

Our primary goal is to restore hope in our clients’ lives. Our committed and compassionate staff take incredible pride in their work, in the process of helping our clients set the foundations for healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Treatment Programs
"Of all the treatment facilities I've been in Bellwood is superior. Every single staff member I encountered, be it the receptionist, cleaning staff, nursing staff, kitchen staff, support counselors or treatment counselors, are exceptional."
M. Dunn
Bellwood Alumnus
"My sobriety date is June 17,1996. I am so grateful for Bellwood for allowing me to recover there and set me on a path of healthy living."
Bernie La Belle
Bellwood Alumnus
"This facility is exceptional on all levels."
Barry Waldron
Bellwood Alumnus

Our Programs

With over 30 years of experience, Bellwood’s comprehensive programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each patient. Our treatment programs provide excellent medical care and include rich and diverse programming. Patients receive specialized therapy, education, nutrition, and fitness training to address all aspects of health and recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Program

As a nationally recognized leader in addiction medicine, Bellwood’s core Alcohol and Drug Inpatient/Residential Program specializes in the treatment of substance abuse, including the misuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and opioids such as oxycodone.

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Family Addiction Treatment Services

One of the hardest parts of having an addict in the family is reaching out for help. But help is available. At Bellwood, we offer a number of addiction treatment services and programs to help you and your family rebuild your lives.

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Depression and Alcohol

Depression and alcohol dependence often go hand in hand. At Bellwood, we have a team of healthcare professionals including a physician and qualified counsellors who work together using evidence-based care to guide clients towards recovery.

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