Confronting Conflict During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Confronting conflict during coronavirus

Opinion by EHN Staff It has been approximately a month since the coronavirus began rapidly changing the world in which we all live. There is not a facet of our lives that has gone unaltered.  Workplaces, schools, churches, and communal gathering spaces have been shuttered. Sporting, entertainment, vocational, and recreational events have been cancelled until … Read more

Online Counselling and Support Groups: Wagon Keeps You Connected to Recovery

Wagon online counselling and support groups

Did you know that wired right into the threat-detection centers of our brains, we have a neural alarm that goes off in response to prolonged periods of social isolation?[1] It warns us that we have a need going unfulfilled. Conversely, social connection fires up the motivation and reward centers of our brains. Increasingly, studies are … Read more

Webinar: Self-Compassion and Mental Health

 You can watch more of our past webinars and register for upcoming webinars on our webinar page. 00:00 Introduction 02:12 Webinar Learning Objectives 03:22 What Kind of Friend Are You to Yourself? 08:01 What Is Self-Compassion? 10:06 What Is Self-Kindness? 11:27 It’s Okay to Feel Pain and Suffering Sometimes 13:59 Practice Mindfulness to Avoid … Read more

Sick of “Social Distancing”? Try This to Support Your Mental Health

social distancing mental health support

Did you know we’re offering online support group meetings for the general public? Be socially connected even when you’re “distancing.” First one is on April 8. Sign up here. “Social distancing” is a major misnomer. We’ve seen a lot of backlash recently in our communities about this vague and counterproductive term. We need to remain … Read more

8 Recovery Concepts for Coping With the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus COVID-19 has demanded that we all completely rework the way we live our daily lives, while simultaneously forcing us to confront incredibly difficult emotional and financial realities. For those of us in recovery from addiction, it is helpful to remember, this is not our first rodeo. Addiction, whatever its form, ultimately lays waste to … Read more