10 Questions to Ask Every Addiction Treatment Provider

At EHN-Canada we say that “the right treatment can change everything.” What do we mean by “the right treatment?” We mean evidence based treatment founded on the principles of scientific inquiry; we mean treatment that has been evaluated by an external licensing body or Accreditation agency; we mean treatment that has conducted valid outcome studies … Read more

What You Should Know about Alcohol Use Disorder or Alcoholism:

Need to Knows About Alcohol Use Disorder & Alcoholism - Addiction Treatment Centre

Alcohol Use Disorder Alcohol has been and remains the most common substance of abuse in Canada. While the legal age of alcohol consumption is 19 in most provinces, people typically begin experimenting with alcohol in their min-teens and start drinking without incident in their early twenties and beyond. Despite the common place that alcohol holds … Read more

Substance Use Disorder is a Brain Disease

Substance Use Disorder Brain Disease - Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addiction or what is technically referred to as Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5th edition (DSM-5) as a disease, and as such is: Progressive: meaning that if untreated, addiction will get worse Chronic: meaning there is no “cure” per se however, SUD can be effectively managed … Read more