The Deadly Allure of Guilt

The Deadly Allure of Guilt EHN Canada Mental Health Treatment

One of the most common patterns I’ve observed in patients dealing with mental health and addiction disorders are deep feelings of guilt and self-criticism. Often, the deeper the suffering and the deeper the trauma, the more intense the patient’s self-judgement. Patients frequently come to treatment desperate to stop the harmful behaviours that brought their lives … Read more

Workers’ Compensation and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatment Programs for First Responders

Workers’ Compensation and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatment Programs for First Responders EHN Canada

Written by Munis Topcuoglu, Editor at EHN Canada. First Responders Are More Likely to Develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Though precise estimates vary, researchers agree that the prevalence of PTSD is much higher among first responders than among the general population. While the definition sometimes varies, “first responder” (or “public safety personnel”) usually includes firefighters, … Read more

House of Miracles

House of Miracles EHN Canada Addiction

Edgewood Treatment Centre has for decades been affectionately referred to as “The House of Miracles” by its alumni and staff. Regardless of whether or not you’re in recovery, and regardless of whether you’re a patient, clinician, or housekeeping staff, the human experience at Edgewood is a marvel that encompasses all the nuances of life and the human … Read more

Overcoming Post-Holiday Blues

Overcoming Post-Holiday Blues Alcohol Addiction Treatment EHN Canada

Experiencing intense joy and excitement with your family and your closest friends over the holiday season is commonly followed by varying degrees of disappointment, sadness, or feelings of emptiness once the holidays are over. These emotions are often referred to as “Post-Holiday Blues” and, for those in recovery, they can be especially triggering and difficult … Read more

The Man in the Mirror: Counsellor Sergio’s Story

Man in the Mirror Story Addiction Treatment

From his distinguished bearing, cherubic face, and piercing blue eyes, Sergio is the picture of good health. But don’t let his baby blues fool you—once upon a time, Edgewood’s favourite counsellor was a troubled man indeed. Born in Montreal, Sergio comes from a long line of alcoholics. Trauma touched his life at an early age … Read more