The House Of Miracles: Tony’s Story

At first, drinking was fun. Alcohol gave Tony confidence. Sober, Tony was a shy kid. But a few drinks changed all that. In his early twenties, Tony was married and running his own business in wedding video-photography. Tony’s drinking wasn’t fun anymore, and his alcohol consumption was becoming a problem.

How Recovery Saved my relationship with my father

It was my dad’s 60th Birthday and we had decided to throw him a big party. At the time things weren’t going well in my house, my parents were two months away from a bitter divorce, and I was on the verge of spiralling into my addiction for the next decade. However, I got up in front of a room full of our family and friends to give a speech. I don’t remember much about what I said, but I do remember looking my father in the eye and sincerely saying that he was my best friend. 

Keep Working It Because It Works: Sara’s Story

Sara M received her angel wings on January 8th, 2020, just a few months short of her 25th sobriety birthday. Before Sara left, she touched the hearts of many and lived her best life in the process. In this time of sadness, we find comfort, remembering Sara and her incredible journey of courage, tenacity, resilience, and hope. 

10 Things You Learn in Treatment That Are Useful During a Pandemic

10 Things You Learn in Treatment That Are Useful During a Pandemic

While trying to find the end of the internet and eating my feelings recently, the meme to the right popped up. First of all, it made me laugh. (You can follow @sobergrind on Instagram for more sobriety-oriented comic relief .)  Then, I started to reflect on what my time in treatment was like. There were so many new rules! At the time, I was quite convinced the staff at Edgewood had designed the perfect system to torture me.