Webinar: Considering LGBTQ+ mental health during Pride and beyond

June is Pride Month, and EHN Canada’s most recent webinar centred on mental health and substance abuse in the 2SLGBTQ community. Pride is celebrated around the world this month to recognize the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, a pivotal moment for the gay liberation movement.    But what does sexuality or gender identity have to do with mental … Read more

How Eating Disorders Affect Mental Health

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Eating is absolutely essential for survival. We all know that food is one of our most basic needs. It powers our muscles, nerves, and systems. No matter how complicated our relationships with food may be, we literally cannot live without it. Importantly, food fuels our brains. When we struggle to improve our lives or disrupt … Read more

Dr. Speranza Dolgetta’s move to new role as Bellwood’s Medical Director inspired by the loss of a friend

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Toronto, ON – Bellwood Health Services, part of the EHN Canada nationwide network of premier treatment centres, is offering a new program designed to treat both eating disorders and concurrent mental health and addiction disorders. …Read More