How Eating Disorders Affect Mental Health

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Eating is absolutely essential for survival. We all know that food is one of our most basic needs. It powers our muscles, nerves, and systems. No matter how complicated our relationships with food may be, we literally cannot live without it. Importantly, food fuels our brains. When we struggle to improve our lives or disrupt … Read more

Eating Disorders and Similarities With Addiction

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This article was originally published February 5, 2020. Written by Hillary Webster and Munis Topcuoglu (EHN Canada). Updated February 3, 2021.  My Friend Jane One weekend afternoon, I was chatting with a friend. We’ll call her Jane, for privacy’s sake. It was wonderful to catch up and share what was going on in each others’ … Read more

Hello, I’m Group Therapy and I’m an Effective Form of Treatment

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When it comes to recovery from mental health disorders and addiction, you don’t have to do it alone. New formats and new research are supporting what we’ve long known: group therapy works. Here’s why. Ask people what treatment for addiction and mental health looks like, and they will most likely describe a circle of group … Read more

10 Ways to Get Unstuck From Unhealthy Patterns

10 Ways to Get Unstuck From Unhealthy Patterns blog

Long before I was willing to get sober, a counsellor mentioned the possibility of my being addicted to “anything they make two or more of,” which I naturally disputed. However, once I came to grips with the depths of my addiction, I certainly recognized this to be true. Of course, I needed some two years of further destruction to reach that level of acceptance. Now, with several years of sobriety, it’s quite clear my problem was never just a substance use or process disorder.