12 Step Recovery and Lessons For Coronavirus

12 Step Recovery and Lessons For Coronavirus

Nowhere in 12 Step programs does it say, “stay alone with your disease,” nor does it say “be distant from others.”

No doctor would suggest isolating in recovery. No physician, psychiatrist, no treatment centre. In fact, the idea of isolation runs contrary to pretty much every suggested modality of treatment for addiction.

Welcome to the reality of Spring 2020.

8 Tips for Grieving the Little Things Lost to Coronavirus

We have all seen the thousands of memes bombarding social media these days. Half of these images are calls to action and attempts to inspire us with ways to use all our “newfound” time during the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. Get a side hustle! Exercise more! Educate yourself! Learn to thrive! The other half are seeming calls to inaction. Watch all the Netflix! Eat all the snacks! Indulge in all the things! Don’t thrive, survive!  

7 Steps for Dealing With Conflict More Constructively During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Confronting conflict during coronavirus

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7 Sources of Daily Inspiration in Recovery

7 sources of daily inspiration in recovery

Opinion by EHN Guest Writer Written by Chris Howe, public speaker, recovered alcoholic and addict, and firefighter. In recovery, I get inspiration from so many people, places, and activities on a daily basis. Especially in difficult times like these, with coronavirus and all its consequences, I feel it is crucial for my own growth and … Read more

7 Reasons Hookup Apps Are Ruining Dating

7 Reasons Hookup Apps Ruining Dating

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