Life After Addiction: Lucy’s Story

Staff Interview by EHN Writer In celebration of Bellwood’s 35th anniversary. While Lucy has been a counsellor at Bellwood since 2016, her Bellwood story begins far before then. Lucy has volunteered at Bellwood since 2012 while she was studying psychology at York University to become a psychotherapist. She is proud that she has accomplished that … Read more

Permission to Heal, Granted: A Veteran’s Story

Alumni Interview by EHN Guest Writer Written by Lorelie Rozzano, an internationally recognized author and advocate. Born in Comox Valley, BC, Alec describes his childhood as “good.” Around age six, Alec recalls losing the vision in his right eye. His parents took Alec to the doctor, who couldn’t find anything wrong. The eye doctor said … Read more

Staying Away from the Edge: Reflections on World Mental Health Day

Opinion by EHN Guest Writer Written by Adam Fisher, a former Director at Renascent and EHN Canada, writer, researcher, and photographer. He has been in recovery since June, 2004. Today is World Mental Health Day, a day created to provide encouragement and opportunity for people to talk about their experiences—people with mental health disorders, people … Read more

Introducing the Bellwood Mood and Anxiety Program (MAP)

Introducing Bellwood Health Mood and Anxiety Program MAP Toronto Canada

Mood and Anxiety Disorders Are Not Adequately Addressed in Canada Major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder are listed in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) top ten causes of disability worldwide. Mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, are the most prevalent mental health disorders in North America, affecting nearly one-in-five people. Depression, bipolar disorder, and … Read more