Webinar: Surfing the Second Wave: Maintaining Access During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Surfing the second wave

CCSA is excited to be hosting this webinar today during recovery month and we’re doing this together with EHN Canada, and the New Start Foundation for addiction and mental health. Surfing the second wave and maintaining service access during COVID-19 pandemic. CCSA has been involved in recovery month activities across the country for at least five years now. The topic of service access is important to us, especially today and it’s timely when we look at what’s happening across our country. As the people we serve face increased challenges on their journeys to wellness, it’s through events, such as these that we can all bring about some change, big or small.

Webinar: The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude to improve mental health and wellbeing

Today we’ll be learning about gratitude. Because it is an incredible, incredible tool. Some of you may already practice gratitude in your day to day life and some of you may need a bit of a refresher. I think this is always a topic even though I’ve studied it myself and the research on it is pretty good. It’s always something to come back to. I do a lot of journalling and I find that it’s quite useful to be able to put into words pen to paper, what you’re grateful for because it really does change your brain chemistry.

Webinar: Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Crisis Survival Skills

Today we are here to talk about facing the challenges that come with managing a pandemic. We are in a situation right now that probably none of us have prepared for and it’s very overwhelming, a lot of these challenges that we’re facing. I’m here to help you understand some tools that we can use to help manage the stress associated with these challenges we are facing today. As I said in the introduction, mindfulness can be an amazing strategy to help us in understanding and managing the stress that we’re facing. 

Safety precautions against COVID-19

COVID-19 should not prevent someone from being able to receive life-saving addiction and mental health treatment. Rest assured that we are taking every step possible to protect our current patient population from contracting the infection.

Our facilities have policies and protocols in place to protect patients, including screening new patients, limiting visitors, and moving aftercare groups to online meetings.

Continue to our action plan to see what we are doing to protect our patients from COVID-19.