Can You Be Too Old To Start Recovery?

More research has been showing an increase in the number of older people, including baby boomers, overdosing or abusing drugs and alcohol.  Perhaps you thought addiction only affected young people or the wealthy?  Studies are revealing that substance abuse in seniors is becoming an urgent matter in geriatric medicine. Some seniors are becoming addicted to painkillers … Read more

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

There’s something about the feeling of accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution that warms the heart. Often, people make a resolution on New Year’s with no intention of following through, but we at Bellwood know that a real commitment starts with a true intention for change. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey, and reaffirming your … Read more

The Expert Approach to Recovery.

Barak’s Let’s Talk Corner There are important differences between experts and beginners that are well documented by research . One way research has been investigating “expertise”, is tapping into the thoughts of Maestro (expert) Chess players and comparing them to the thoughts of beginners. We know that the differences are striking. Novice players (beginners) look … Read more

The Meaning of Recovery

Barak’s Lets Talk Corner:  What are the things you find most meaningful to you? People often say that it is about creating or producing something new, caring for others such as their children and loved ones, investing in their relationships, doing something unique such as writing, drawing, going to travel in a place that holds special … Read more