Lanie Schachter-Snipper

Clinical Director

EHN Bellwood Lanie Schachter-Snipper Clinical Director

Lanie is Clinical Director at Bellwood Health Services. She is responsible for the Concurrent Mental Health and Addictions and the Mood and Anxiety Programs.

Lanie has held leadership positions at Bellwood Health Services and the UBC School of Continuing Studies. Prior to joining Bellwood as a Registered Psychotherapist in 2016, Lanie was a Registered Psychotherapist at Shepell FGI, and the founding Clinical Director at UpFront Counselling and Anger Management, a not-for-profit providing mental health and addictions support to court-involved clients.

Lanie earned her Masters of Counselling degree in 2012, and completed a fellowship at Yale School of Medicine, Law and Psychiatry Division.