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Clinical Counsellor

Edgewood Health Network (EHN) brings together a North American network of addiction and mental health providers. EHN centers have over 50 years of combined clinical experience providing best practice, comprehensive treatment options to patients, families and health care practitioners. EHN has ambitious aspirations to continue to expand the network to offer the best possible care and support to our patients and clients, growing organically and through acquisition.

Edgewood, located in beautiful Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) BC, is an internationally renowned, accredited and licensed private residential treatment facility. Edgewood specializes in treatment for addition and concurrent diagnoses with full time clinical, medical and psychiatric staff.

The primary function of the Clinical Counselor is to identify, evaluate and treat clients who have sought treatment for problems related to substance use/process addictions and concurrent mental health challenges.  

The Clinical Counselor is engaged in the following therapeutic work:

  • Assisting the client to recognize problematic substance use and/or behavioral addictions that are maladaptive and destructive.
  • Helping the client identify areas of change and the impact substance use-disorder and concurrent mental health diagnoses have had on their lives.
  • Developing therapeutic rapport and continuing to help the client to identify areas of change.
  • Using a variety of counseling techniques to help the client make appropriate life changes and learn new skills to enhance their Recovery Capital moving forward. 
  • Group work, 1:1 sessions, psycho-educational workshops, lectures
  • Providing opportunities to patients to practice new skills in the areas of conflict resolution and emotional regulation using evidence-based techniques such as DBT, and CBT strategies
  • Engaging in continued training provided by EHN, and other educational opportunities and benefits of interest to the clinician
  • Ethical practice

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in social work, psychology or related discipline is required
  • Knowledge of CBT: usage of CBT in conjunction with co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Knowledge of DBT: experience in distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and mindfulness.
  • Knowledge of the 12 Steps, SMART Recovery and/or Dharma/Refuge Recovery
  • Professional experience concurrent mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and/or trauma
  • Knowledge of substance use disorders (SUD).
  • Experience facilitating group therapy, lecturing and educational presentations.
  • The successful applicant will have a combination of education, training and experience in the field of addictions and mental health.

Edgewood is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that its hiring process meets the needs of all persons with disabilities. As such, EHN Canada will provide reasonable accommodation for any applicant, as requested during the hiring process.

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