Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist – Toronto, ON

Bellwood is a licensed accredited hospital in Toronto with over 35-years of experience providing compassionate care to those suffering with addiction and related mental health issues. Set within a new state of the art facility located in a serene upscale part of Toronto, Bellwood provides an extraordinary environment for staff and patients. In keeping with is its mission to deliver excellent care, Bellwood was awarded Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada and is affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Bellwood is seeking the services of a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist to provide care to 6-8 residential care patients in partnership with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

The Psychiatrist’s main responsibilities include working with an inter-professional care team of nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and family doctors in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients, as well as the management and coordination of care utilizing psychotherapeutic methods and medications. The Psychiatrist will work with patients who suffer from and array of psychiatric issues, behavioral disorders with or without concurrent substance abuse problems.  The Psychiatrist is responsible for gathering and organizing patient related data from various sources including the patient, family, and treatment team and for directing care.

The successful candidate will have experience with evidence-based psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic approaches, be skilled in working on inter-professional teams and support continuous quality improvement in their daily work. Bellwood is looking for a Psychiatrist with experience in child psychiatry and certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or equivalent. A Psychiatrist meeting the criteria for a faculty appointment at the University of Toronto is strongly preferred. Opportunities for scholarship and clinical research and supervision of University of Toronto trainees are available and remunerated separately.

Interested applicants are invited to email, or mail, their current curriculum vitae to:

[email protected]

Cara Vaccarino, Chief Operating Officer

Bellwood Health Services Inc., EHN-Canada

175 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto, ON. M4G 0C5

Phone: (647) 822-0903

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Bellwood Health Services is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that its hiring process meets the needs of all persons with disabilities