Clinical Counsellor – Edgewood Nanaimo

Position Summary:

The primary function of the Clinical Counsellor, specializing in addictions, is to identify, evaluate and treat persons who experience problems related to substance use and/or addictive behaviours.


  • Supervise Nursing and Support Staff when designated as senior staff on duty.
  • Conduct initial patient intake interview.
  • Complete patient assessment utilizing psychosocial history.
  • Develop individual treatment plans with patient, continuing to monitor adherence to the plan, making changes when necessary.
  • Counsel with patient in individual sessions.
  • Plan and conduct conferences with family members, employers, employee assistance practitioners or other persons significant to the patient.
  • Act as a facilitator/therapist in assigned group sessions.
  • Meet on a regular basis with all members of the multidisciplinary treatment coordination.
  • Consult with the family program staff on the needs of the family or significant others for therapy, education or information, and assist with referring to appropriate programs.
  • Deliver lectures and educational presentations to the patient population as scheduled.
  • Participate in in-service workshops as assigned.
  • Act as a resource person for practicum students and other professionals as assigned.
  • Establish safeguards and keep assigned patient treatment files current.
  • Administer psychological testing as required.
  • Respond to routine correspondence.
  • Perform other clerical and reporting tasks as necessary to facility operation.
  • Assign therapeutic duties to patients, in cooperation with the treatment team.
  • Develop continuing care plan with patients and refer for appropriate aftercare counselling.
  • Convene and lead meetings as required.
  • Close patient file upon discharge, forwarding patient file to administration for processing and completion of the discharge summary.
  • Act as liaison to the Health and Safety Committee, when appointed by the Executive Director.



  • Masters degree in social work, psychology or related discipline is required
  • Knowledge of CBT: usage of CBT in conjunction with co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Knowledge of DBT: experience in distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and mindfulness.
  • Knowledge of the 12 Steps.
  • Professional experience with PTSD, acute stress disorder, and adjustment disorders.
  • Knowledge of substance use disorders (SUD).
  • Experience facilitating group therapy, lecturing and educational presentations.
  • The successful applicant will have a combination of education, training and experience in the field of addictions and mental health.


Edgewood Health Network (EHN Canada) is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that its hiring process meets the needs of all persons with disabilities. As such, EHN Canada will provide reasonable accommodation for any applicant, as requested during the hiring process.

Submit Applications to:
Attn: Human Resources Department
Email:  [email protected]

Application Deadline: Until Filled