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EHN Canada is dedicated to ensuring that every patient has access to a personalized recovery process, a therapeutic community, and ongoing expert care to prevent relapse. Make a professional referral for treatment today and help that person receive the support they need.

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We work collaboratively with our referral partners across the country, including:

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Benefits of referring a patient to our network:

How to make a professional referral

Step 1:

Fill out the referral form below.

Have questions? Call our referral relations team at 1 866-950-0963

Step 2:

Our referral relations team will review the referral, contact you to confirm receipt, and coordinate an assessment call for the patient.

Step 3:

The patient will join a treatment program at a facility that suits their needs. Reports will be completed as discussed with the referent.

Resources for Referring Professionals

Selecting the right treatment centre to refer a patient, client, or employee to is an important choice that will determine their journey to recovery. Learn more about our methods, practices, and more.

The Mental Health Survival Guide

Overview of EHN Canada’s network of facilities and programs

Educational webinars on mental health and addiction topics, led by knowledgeable and passionate speakers

You asked, we answered.

Find responses to our most frequently asked questions here.
Outcome measures are administered at intake, during treatment and post-treatment phase to ensure we are achieving the best possible outcome for each patient’s recovery. This includes the use of GAIN-SS, PHQ-9, LDQ, GAD-7, OQ45, OQASC.
Provided we have informed consent, our team will collaborate and communicate with you while your patient, client, or employee is in our care and can be available for case-conference calls to discuss post-treatment recommendations. We can provide regular progress reports and a discharge summary upon completion of treatment.
Yes! At EHN Canada, we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to recovery. As new approaches and research emerges, we want to be at the forefront of innovation to make sure we are delivering the best care possible to our patients. At the same time, we still uphold the proven methods that continue to help people on a daily basis, including 12-step programs. We are always working to make sure that treatment is effective and personalized for each individual.
We work closely with our referents and patients to navigate their insurance policy and to explore any coverage or funding options that are available. We also have financing options through our partners at Medicard that can be explored.
Should you wish to explore our programs further, please reach out anytime to our Referral Relations Team at [email protected] or call 1 866-950-0963