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Call Centre Operations Manager, Admissions

Title: Call Centre Operations Manager, Admissions
Department: Admissions
Reports to:  VP Operations and Marketing

Company Summary 

EHN Canada is the country’s largest provider of mental health and addiction services, with inpatient operations in most provinces and an in-person and virtual outpatient program. It has tripled in size over the past four years as it adds new locations and programs. It now helps over 2000 patients and their families each year and work with governments and employers across Canada. 

EHN Canada is a company with a purpose. It believes that every Canadian has the right to mental health and addiction services that are accessible (i.e. little/no wait times); affordable (i.e. paid for by your government or employer) and excellent (i.e. using outcomes measurement and evidenced based practices).  If it doesn’t do this, nobody else will. 

EHN Canada is constantly innovating, with new programs such as parents with kids, eating disorders, mood and anxiety programming, and a youth intensive outpatient program. 

Job Summary 

EHN Canada has a wide market presence which includes referrals and advertising. This generates a large amount of inbound phone calls and online inquiries from potential patients with mental health conditions, their families, or referring professionals. They seek to learn more about EHN’s programs before scheduling an admission.  

All inquiries for programs in Eastern Canada (four locations) are serviced by the call centre at EHN Canada’s corporate headquarters in Toronto. This is typically the first point of live contact with patients. Since they often call in during a state of crises, this requires staff to be knowledgeable and compassionate.  

The Call Centre Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing and developing internal operations for this department. They play a key role in managing external communication processes to ensure excellent customer service levels to potential clients, family members, and professional referral contacts. 

This position will be tasked with upgrading the department by incorporating new technology, eliminating redundancy, creating regular data and metrics tracking reports, team design, lead flow design, sales process design, moving antiquated processes to electronic, creating a systematic flow of information to other departments, implementing quality assurance practices, training staff in consultative sales techniques, and then documenting standard operating procedures into a playbook used for scaling growth.  

This upgrade will require consent and support from multiple stakeholders across the organization. The Call Centre Operations Manager will be the catalyst for this change, requiring them to possess long-term relationship building, collaboration, negotiation, and project management skills.  

Since EHN Canada is growing rapidly, this position will be required to grow the department in a fast-paced startup environment. 

Job Function & Duties 


Professional Attributes:

Qualified candidates should submit resumes to Human Resources Department, at [email protected]. For further information, please visit our website at

Bellwood is an employment equity employer.
If you should require accommodation during the interview process please contact human resources.

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Mental Health & Addiction Clinician

Position Description:

Bellwood Health Services, part of the Edgewood Health Network, is a nationally recognized, accredited Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Centre, with a 35-year history of serving Canadians from across the country. Bellwood is currently recruiting for a Mental Health and Addiction Clinician to join the inter-professional program including psychiatry, family medicine, psychotherapy, occupational therapy and nutrition. This is an exciting opportunity to join a seasoned, inter-professional team that is focused on quality care, by using best practice treatment, teamwork and respect.



The position is part of the IAMAW bargaining unit. Qualified candidates should submit resumes to Human Resources Department, at [email protected]. Bellwood is an employment equity employer. If you should require accommodation during the interview process please contact human resources.

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Web Designer

Position Description:

EHN Canada, a nationally recognized and accredited network of addiction treatment centres with over 30 years of restoring Canadian lives, is looking for a Web Designer to join a multi-disciplinary, data-driven, agile, and fast-paced team. EHN Canada is focused on aggressively growing its digital footprint and establishing the organization as the clear leader in addiction treatment and mental healthcare in Canada.

The Web Designer will work closely with the Digital Marketing Team by designing, creating, and maintaining visual elements to communicate ideas on our websites, social media, email campaigns, digital articles, ads, and videos. The ideal candidate has exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail but can over deliver quickly on simultaneous projects with minimal supervision. You must have a strong sense of ownership and pride in your work, and regularly demonstrate successes using data when possible.




Please submit your application to the Human Resources Department at [email protected] Your application must include the following:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume
  3. Portfolio of creative that demonstrates the above responsibilities and requirements

Only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. EHN Canada is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that its hiring process meets the needs of all persons with disabilities. As such, EHN Canada will provide reasonable accommodation for any applicant, as requested during the hiring process.

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Trauma Recovery Program

Intensive Trauma Therapy in the Heart of Toronto

Whether you’ve suffered psychological distress at work or in your personal life, you can turn to Bellwood for evidence-based recovery. Our medical team – including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and other experts – provides the care and guidance you need to regain peace of mind after surviving trauma. The coping skills you’ll learn will stay with you beyond your eight weeks at our Toronto facility for intensive trauma therapy. You’ll also leave Bellwood with the tools you need to overcome any other mental health concerns you may be experiencing, like addiction or depression.

*If you’re a veteran, military member, or first responder looking for help with PTSD, we recommend looking into our specialized program at Gateway Recovery Centre in Ontario or at Edgewood Treatment Centre in British Columbia.

Meet the team at Ledgehill for Men

Ledgehill for Men Team

Our staff is comprised of both male and female doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and counsellors dedicated to your recovery.

Family Treatment Support

Addiction is a family disease. As our patients work towards recovery from addiction this or other mental health disorders, we provide their families with the knowledge and skills they need to support their loved ones and themselves. We also offer support to other families who may need it.

Concussion & Acquired Brain Injury Support (CABIS)

CABIS is designed to provide evidence-based support to patients with concussions and acquired brain injuries (ABI) who are participating in our Core Addiction and Mental Health, Trauma Recovery, or Mood and Anxiety programs. 

Patients with a concussion or acquired brain injury (ABI) often experience physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural symptoms that can prevent full participation in inpatient treatment programs for addiction and mental health disorders. The goal of CABIS is to reduce the impact of symptoms and enable patients to fully benefit from our treatment programs.

Inpatient Eating Disorders Treatment Program

Specializing in Anorexia, Bulimia, and ARFID Treatment

Your wellbeing is too valuable to waste time on treatments that don’t work. At Bellwood, you won’t encounter any unproven recovery tactics or fads. Instead, you’ll focus exclusively on evidence-based treatments that give you the best foundation for success.

You’ll have access to a full support staff experienced in treating eating disorders, including psychiatrists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, registered dieticians, and social workers.

Everyone is at a different place in their journey when they come to Bellwood, which is why our program is designed to be flexible. We work with you to develop a realistic, customized care plan that meets your goals, whether that’s weight rehabilitation, aftercare, or help with an eating disorder and a concurrent concern, like addiction, depression, or diabetes.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Program

As Toronto’s Premier Inpatient OCD Treatment Clinic

We’re proud to partner with Sunnybrook Hospital’s Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre to offer Canada’s first inpatient OCD treatment program. This partnership combines unparalleled expertise with a safe, comfortable environment for healing. 

Our highly skilled medical team – made up of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and other mental health experts – employs evidence-based treatments to help you live a life unhindered by OCD. Our flexible program is available in inpatient and day treatment formats and is customized to meet your unique needs.

Healthcare Professionals Support

Inpatient Substance Use Treatment Program for Healthcare Workers at Bellwood

It can be difficult to accept help when you’ve built a career out of taking care of others. When you turn to Bellwood for help overcoming substance use, you’ll receive nothing short of the best care possible. As a licensed hospital, Bellwood is dedicated to providing patients with evidence-based care. Our support program equips you with the skills and coping strategies you need to get back to work safely and successfully.

*This offering isn’t available as a standalone treatment program, but intended for healthcare professionals already enrolled in our inpatient Core Addiction and Mental Health Program.

Depression, Bipolar Disorder, & Anxiety Treatment

Bellwood’s Mood and Anxiety Program (MAP) is designed for people who are having trouble functioning in their daily lives due to anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or a combination of mood disorders, and for whom community-based support may no longer be sufficient or effective. Our medical team – including psychotherapists, social workers, physicians, and nurses – guides the evidence-based treatment you need to make meaningful progress towards recovery. And, while you receive treatment, your loved ones receive the education they need to help you sustain your progress when you leave Bellwood.

Core Addiction & Mental Health Program

At Bellwood Health Services: EHN Canada’s Toronto Addiction Treatment Centre.

Addiction can affect anyone, and everyone deserves a strong program that addresses not only the physical dependence, but the underlying mental health concerns that contribute to addiction in the first place. No program in the country addresses both addiction and mental health as well as ours. Our highly skilled staff members offer evidence-based treatment for mental health and addiction issues including substance abuse, behavioural addictions, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, and eating disorders. Our interprofessional team is committed to providing the highest standard of care and includes physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, dieticians, physical health staff, and support staff. And because family support is critical to sustained recovery, when you come to Bellwood for treatment, your loved ones receive the education they need to encourage your progress and support their own recovery.