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Concussion & Acquired Brain Injury Support (CABIS)

Supporting the recovery of patients with acquired brain injuries

Our Concussion & Acquired Brain Injury Support (CABIS) is designed to provide evidence-based treatment to patients participating in our Core Addiction and Mental Health or Mood and Anxiety programs that may require additional considerations as a result of a brain injury.

Patients with a concussion or acquired brain injury (ABI) often experience physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural symptoms that can prevent full participation in inpatient treatment programs for addiction and mental health disorders. The goal of CABIS is to reduce the impact of symptoms and enable patients to fully benefit from our treatment programs.

Program Info


  • Specialized assistance for brain injury sufferers participating in treatment at Bellwood

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Category: Inpatient

  • Length: Varies
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Our Approach to Brain Injury Support

In addition to benefiting from Bellwood’s integrative model of care while enrolled in our primary treatment programs, CABIS participants also receive specialized support, including:

  • One-on-one sessions in behavioural activation and skills reinforcement
  • Individual sessions with a primary counsellor who has experience and expertise in concussion and acquired brain injury treatment.
  • Psychoeducation focused on self-management practices, such as sleep quality, self care, and energy conservation.
  • Assistance with attending group programming, including support maintaining a new daily schedule, finding one’s way in the building, and understanding and processing information presented in groups.
  • Updates to the patient’s referrer, family members, and community treatment team regarding the patient’s progress.
  • A personalized transition plan for a successful return home after treatment.

If the patient needs a personal support worker (PSW) or attendant to help further with self-care, the patient is responsible for arranging and financing this.

Why Inpatient Treatment at Bellwood is the Best Approach

True recovery requires re-evaluating every aspect of a patient’s life. Our inpatient programs, with their fully immersive environment and 24/7 care and medical support, offer the chance for patients to transform their lives. Located in Toronto’s serene Sunnybrook Park, our inpatient facilities are an ideal environment for healing.

A Day at Bellwood, EHN Canada’s Toronto Facility

At Bellwood, every aspect of the patient experience is thoughtfully considered by our staff of medical experts to promote the best opportunity for recovery. This is what a day in Bellwood’s CABIS Program typically looks like.



Before attending an educational lecture on sleep hygiene, you’ll enjoy a healthy, chef-prepared breakfast. You’ll also have time to set an intention for your day and exercise, if it’s part of your care plan.



After a delicious lunch, you’ll work one-on-one with an occupational therapist to relearn and develop compensatory strategies for practical functions lost due to brain injury.



If needed, your PSW will assist you during dinner time. You’ll wrap up the day by attending a group support meeting led by a licenced counsellor, where you’ll learn about energy conservation tactics and self care practices.

About Bellwood Health Services

As part of the EHN Canada Network, Bellwood Health Services is among Ontario’s most effective treatment centres with over 40 years of leading patient recoveries. Bellwood continues the legacy of its founder, Dr. Gordon Bell, who was a relentless innovator in addiction treatment in Canada. We are a licensed, private hospital and are proud to be affiliated with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Sunnybrook Hospital, and the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry. Nestled alongside the greenery of Sunnybrook Park, our centre’s tranquil location provides an ideal environment for healing.

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