About Us

Experienced and Effective Treatment since 1994

We are the most experienced, highly accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility in Western Canada and believe the best chance for sobriety and long-term recovery for our patients is an addiction treatment program that addresses all aspects of their health:  body, mind, spirit and social system.

Collaboration, compassion and respect set the tone for the care that we provide. We recognize that addiction and related mental health issues create isolation and thrive on it, so creating community and forging connections is fundamental to our philosophy of care.

We do this through the integration of evidence-based best practices, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. We incorporate wellness approaches, including fitness, yoga and mindfulness all designed to augment a 12-Step based recovery program. This combination means you and or your loved one will get the most cutting-edge therapies all in a setting that is warm, comfortable and safe.  Our program gives you the very best opportunity for maintaining lifelong recovery.

From supervised medical detoxification from alcohol and drugs, including heroin, fentanyl and other opioids, to our facilitated aftercare program that includes technological methods such as telehealth; Edgewood Treatment  Centre delivers on-going support from an expert team of qualified, caring and committed staff including three veteran physicians and a 24/7 nursing team.

The treatment program at Edgewood is part of a coordinated system of care that includes the family, the patient as well as their referral source.  Edgewood is committed to provide a superior level of communication via weekly emails and phone calls with those closest to the individual in care including family and referrals.  This input and level of communication is an invaluable component to continued success.

Our goal for our patients is permanent abstinence from mood-altering behaviours or chemicals, and an improved lifestyle.  Respect for the dignity of the individual and their family is the cornerstone of our treatment program.