Sex Addiction Treatment Program

Edgewood’s Sex Addiction Program is specifically designed for those with problematic sexual behavior that is out of control. These behaviors can be just as destructive and devastating as any substance use disorder, however, shame, and fear of being stigmatized, often prevent affected individuals from seeking help. Since sex addiction and substance use disorders are often concurrent, we educate clients regarding how the two disorders are related and how they interact, and our programs allow clients to work through the two disorders together.

Program Overview

Our program is designed for people with problematic sexual behaviors who may also be struggling with concurrent substance use disorders. Due to the specialized nature of this program, clients spend much of their clinical time in small, tight-knit groups with people who share similar experiences and emotions. The program’s therapeutic components use a didactic experiential approach based in Gestalt psychology and Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy integrated with material from Facing the Shadow and Recovery Zone.

Sexual addiction program components (in addition to substance abuse treatment)

    • Explore, understand, and process core trauma issues related to sex addiction
    • Stabilization grounding and self-regulation techniques
    • Education regarding healthy and satisfying intimacy and sexuality
    • Psychoeducational lectures, group therapy and individualized physical exercise plans
    • Specialized sex-addiction focused groups that include coping strategies, cognitive processing therapy, and that address individually assessed behavioral scales
    • Tasks 1 to 7 from Facing the Shadow workbook
    • Daily mindfulness and meditation using the Mirror of Intimacy reflections book
    • Daily yoga and meditation designed to re-pattern the nervous system and re-balance the endocrine system
    • Expressive Arts Therapy sessions
    • Abstinence based programming with applicable in-treatment abstinence contract
    • Relapse prevention work and the creation of a sobriety definition and aftercare plan

Program Benefits

    • 42-day residential treatment program
    • SDI 4.0 and PTSI assessments
    • Small client group, maximum eight participants
    • Each case managed on an individual basis
    • Task Model developed by Dr. Carnes
    • Regularly scheduled individual sessions, plus others as needed
    • CBT and DBT therapeutic modalities
    • Disclosure Preparation

Admission Criteria

    • Psychiatric pre-screening to assess program suitability
    • Psychologically stable and able to work in group settings

The Edgewood Sex Addiction Team

Each patient is assigned a medical doctor and a psychiatrist as an active part of their team during treatment. Starting with the initial medical and addiction assessment, they work to determine the stage of withdrawal and current medication, right through to discharge planning.

    • Dr. Gary Richardson, Medical Director
    • Dr. Mel Vincent, Psychiatrist
    • Dr. Christina Basedow, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
    • Mike Quarress, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
    • Supporting medical team including physicians, nurses, psychologists, and addiction support workers

For More Information, Please Call Us

Please call us if you have any questions about our sex addiction program at Edgewood, or if you would like to enroll. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can call us anytime at 1-800-683-0111.