Waterstone Admissions

Before anyone can receive help, they first need to ask. And for many people suffering from eating disorders, this first step is a true challenge. That’s why our admissions counsellors are standing by to provide assistance whenever you or a loved one is ready to admit “I need help.” From here, our discrete, completely confidential process will begin to determine the type of treatment you require.

What to Bring

You are welcome to bring things that make you feel comfortable and are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Comfortable casual clothes such as jeans, cotton pants, knee-length shorts, shirts, sweaters, blouses, and jackets.
  • Sleepwear, bathrobe, and slippers.
  • Exercise clothes such as jogging suits, gym shorts, T-shirts, walking or running shoes, and rainwear.
  • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets.
  • Alarm clock, watch, and clear water bottle.
  • For those who snore – nasal strips and ear plugs.
  • Required medical devices including canes, walkers, CPAP machines.
  • A supply of toiletries and hygiene products enough for the duration of your stay. Note: Mouthwash must be non-alcoholic; Hygiene products need to be scent-free.
  • Books, tapes, small radios, iPods/mp3 players without screens, Internet access, camera or phone access and extra batteries.
  • A 3 day supply of routine prescription medications and routine vitamins pre-approved by Bellwood medical staff and in original packaging. Any additional supplies will be disposed of.
  • Credit card, bank card, or money incidentals.
  • Framed photos of loved ones.
  • If bringing cigarettes, a supply enough for the duration of your stay.

Please note: Luggage is restricted to a maximum of one large suitcase and one carry-on. You will be responsible for arranging any excess luggage to be returned home.

What Not to Bring

  • Unapproved over-the-counter drugs and vitamins.
  • Food or beverages, including chewing gum. Vending machines are available on site for use in moderation and include drinks, snacks, and protein powder.
  • Lottery tickets, magazines, body image books, or pornographic material.
  • Large amounts of money and valuables.
  • Bedding, including pillows and blankets, and towels (all will be provided).
  • Electronics, including cell phones, video games, TVs, recorders, cameras, iPods or MP3 players with screens, laptops, computers, and tablets.
  • Large portable radios/ CD/DVD players.
  • Playing cards, dice or other gambling items.
  • Electronic hand-held games
  • Perfume, cologne, aftershave and scented body lotions. Bellwood is a “scent free” environment.

Non-approved belongings will be placed in safe keeping and will not be available during your treatment. Some items may be disposed of or returned to your home.

Clothing Guidelines

  • Footwear must be worn at all times and should be appropriate for program activity.
  • Hats and sunglasses are not permitted indoors.

The following items of clothing are not permitted for clients:

  • Tight or revealing clothing such as halter tops, bathing suit tops, mid-drift tops (belly tops), thinly strapped tops or strapless tops, tank tops, muscle tops, tight shorts, pants, or skirts, “short” shorts or short skirts.
  • Clothing with inappropriate wording or pictures, including anything promoting alcohol, bars, or casinos.
  • Camouflage items.

Please note that as part of our infection control policy, upon admission, all belongings will be screened by our staff in the presence of clients. Luggage and bags will be steamed and clothes may be ‘flash-dried’ if required.

Safety precautions against COVID-19

COVID-19 should not prevent someone from being able to receive life-saving addiction and mental health treatment. Rest assured that we are taking every step possible to protect our current patient population from contracting the infection.

Our facilities have policies and protocols in place to protect patients, including screening new patients, limiting visitors, and moving aftercare groups to online meetings.

Continue to our action plan to see what we are doing to protect our patients from COVID-19.