Our Facility – Nouveau Depart


Nouveau Départ is a treatment center that offers specialized inpatient and outpatient services to people struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, or other forms of addiction.

Specialized treatments are designed for individuals who:

• have a compulsive psychotropic substance use;
• have lost all control over the substance;
• make continuous use of the substance despite adverse consequences, whether physical, psychological and / or social;
• are experiencing relapse after repeated attempts of withdrawal.


At Nouveau Départ we do everything in our power to make life pleasant for our patients

On the main floor we have offices for our doctors, therapists, and administrative staff as well as three large rooms for group therapy and meeting with families. The main lobby is designed to be a welcoming place for socializing, with complimentary hot beverages and purified water.

The second floor has single and double patient rooms and executive suites, all with private bathrooms. Two patient lounges are equipped for reading, chatting, watching TV, or playing board games or video games. The laundry features soapless ozone washing machines, dryers, and irons.

In the dining room, patients are served a wide variety of healthy meals designed by nutrition professionals to help them rediscover a balanced diet that follows the Canada Food Guide. A nutritionist is even available if needed to design a personalized diet in line with patient’s taste and leading to a long-term improvement in eating habits.