EHN Nouveau Depart Outpatient

Montréal Addiction Treatment Programs

Important Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that our EHN Montreal Outpatient clinic has moved locations to begin a new collaborative relationship with Clinique Nouveau Départ residential treatment centre in Montreal. The EHN Montreal Outpatient Clinic will continue to provide their existing outpatient services, and the collaboration will allow clients to access even more services to support their customized treatment plans.

The clinic’s new address is 1110 av. Beaumont, Ville Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E5.

Welcome to the EHN Montreal Clinic

The Edgewood Health Network Montréal is a premier clinic that provides treatment for addiction and substance use disorders. Our unique process begins with an assessment that allows us to determine the presence and severity of a substance use disorder. Once we’ve established the severity of the problem, the next step is to work with our highly trained clinicians to create your personalized care plan. After that, we’re with you every step of the way as you learn the coping skills you need to stay sober. It’s a relationship for life.

Assessment / Treatment Placement

At Edgewood Health Network Montréal, your care begins with an individual assessment. Every client is unique and we use industry standard screening tool to determine the level and severity of a substance use disorder. This allows us to determine the appropriate level of treatment for you and to develop your personalized care plan. Whether you need individual counselling, an outpatient addiction program or residential treatment, we’ll find the right fit. This means that every client gets the right care for their level of addiction.

Financial Assistance


Medicard Financing Options


Individual Counselling

Working with a qualified addiction therapist allows clients, couples and families to access support and explore the underlying issues of addiction. Through varied modalities including CBT, DBT and interpersonal therapy, clinicians work to create sustained movement towards recovery.

Group Therapy

Our therapeutic groups are supportive and compassionate environments that emphasize honesty, self-reflection, community and reciprocity. With groups that focus on managing emotions, addiction education, relapse prevention and coping, our group therapy is integral to your recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Inpatient care is not appropriate or practical for everyone seeking treatment for addiction, so we have created a unique outpatient program. It meets the needs of those who wish to participate in intensive addiction treatment while continuing to maintain their day-to-day lives. The program consists of over 90 hours of psycho-social education, group therapy and individual counselling.

Family Programs

Addiction affects more than the individual. Loved ones often feel anxious, afraid, depressed and overwhelmed. Our family programs and support groups provide a safe place in which your loved ones can communicate their needs and emotions and begin their own healing journey.

Continuing Care

Our continuing care groups support you through the first few years of recovery. Though an assessment and/or discharge from a residential facility, clients receive treatment that incorporates individual, group and family care. We provide you with the guidance and support essential in dealing with difficulties that could derail your recovery.

Drug Testing and Monitoring

Drug testing may provide an extra level of accountability that motivates you to stay sober. Test results can facilitate a return to work in safety sensitive positions and help re-establish trust in damaged relationships.

Wellness Programs and Workshops

We are committed to creating an environment that promotes health, wellness and insight. We offer various programs and workshops throughout the year that complement our existing care plans. Engaging in these programs can help you take your recovery to the next level.

Programs in French Language

The majority of conversations in therapy groups are in French and a minority are in English. Therefore, Anglophones must have a basic understanding of French to participate in our programs.