Sandstone Inpatient Treatment Centre

Core Addiction & Mental Health Program

At EHN Canada’s Sandstone Inpatient Treatment Centre in Calgary

When you turn to Sandstone for treatment, you become part of a tight-knit community dedicated to your recovery. You’ll enjoy support from medical experts, licensed counselling professionals, peers, and family members throughout your stay in Calgary.

Our clinical team includes doctors, nurses, and an on-staff psychiatrist, all of whom provide the guidance and care you need to stop using substances for good and address accompanying mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

While in treatment, your fellow program participants act as your cheerleaders and confidants, while your family receives the training they need to champion your lifelong journey.

Program Info


  • Cozy, home-like environment
  • 11-person cohort

  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Category: Inpatient

  • Length: Varies, minimum 28 days
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Our Approach to Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

Our addiction treatment centre in Calgary helps you build the foundation for lasting recovery through a number of evidence-based approaches, including:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to assist in developing helpful thought patterns and healthy behaviours in recovery.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) for developing the skills needed to manage emotions and relationships, practice mindfulness, and survive crises.
  • Individual psychotherapy for an empathetic and safe space to discuss personal recovery concerns and develop treatment goals. 
  • Group therapy to provide opportunities for peer support and professionally guided emotional processing.
  • An abstinence-based approach, combined with medication assistance therapy if needed, for a substance-free life.
  • Art therapy to facilitate self-exploration and understand thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to express.
  • Psychoeducational sessions to help you understand yourself and the nature of addiction.
  • Mindfulness and physical exercise for creating healthy, lasting habits.
  • Relapse prevention groups for exploring substance use patterns, identify relapse warning signs, and develop a long-term recovery plan.

A Day at Sandstone

Every day at our Calgary treatment centre is structured with clinical, social, and recreational activities that are designed to promote your recovery. This is what a day at Sandstone might look like.



After waking up, you’ll have time to tidy your room or catch up on the news. Then you’ll enjoy a healthy and delicious chef-prepared breakfast, followed by time to meditate and set your intentions for the day. Next, you’ll move your body with gym time, a walk, or a yoga class. Then you’ll attend a psychoeducational lecture where you’ll learn about the nature of substance use.



You’ll refuel with lunch before learning a new skill, like CBT or DBT, in a group setting. After attending an educational session, you’ll have time for independent recovery work. Next, you’ll participate in one-on-one counselling to help uncover the root of your addiction.



After dinner, you’ll take a refreshing walk. Then you’ll attend a group AA, NA, or SMART panel before enjoying game night or TV time. Finally, you’ll wind down by practicing your sleep hygiene skills.

About Sandstone

Part of EHN Canada, Sandstone is Alberta’s premiere inpatient addiction and mental health treatment centre. Nestled in a quiet, peaceful Calgary neighbourhood, our facility welcomes you into a warm, home-like environment. All of our spaces are designed to provide a relaxing, comfortable stay. Our high staff-to-patient ratio ensures you’ll enjoy unparalleled personal attention from our medical team.

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While our Calgary centre is exclusively dedicated to treating addiction and concurrent mental health concerns, you can find a number of related programs online and in-person at other EHN Canada facilities.