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Wagon for patients:

Wagon is a mobile app developed by EHN for those suffering from addiction and substance use disorders. It’s a digital recovery plan created specifically for you that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Spend a few minutes each day logging goals, feelings, triggers, and more. Wagon helps you create a balanced lifestyle that promotes happiness, wellness and healthy relationships. Whether you’re exploring your relationship with alcohol, drugs or gambling for the first time, or you’re already working on recovery, Wagon provides a daily blueprint to recovery.

And you won’t be doing it alone; your counsellor will follow your progress and suggest strategies to help you continue to meet your goals during short weekly coaching sessions.

Wagon Recovery Tool Wagon Recovery Tool Wagon Recovery Tool

Wagon Features:

My Plan:

Your personalized plan is made up of daily, weekly, monthly and one-time goals. You’ll check them off as you complete them, and you and your counsellor may update the goals as you move through recovery.

Daily Review:

Each evening, you’ll answer a few questions about feelings, triggers, abstinence and more. This will help you and your counsellor determine your patterns and create coping strategies to manage difficult times.


Set custom reminders and get notifications on your phone about what goals you need to complete.


Check in on your progress and see where you’ve been doing well and where you need to concentrate more effort.

Daily Message:

With over 300 inspirational messages, you’ll get a new one each morning.


You can turn to your SOS section whenever you feel like you need some support. Read over your coping strategies or call someone in your support network.


A private place for you to record feelings, reactions, thoughts and more.

Gratitude List:

Create an attitude of gratitude by recording the positive people, things and moments in your life.

For more information on Wagon, ask your outpatient counsellor or contact us at [email protected] . To access technical support, visit onthewagon.ca/support.

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Wagon software is available to health care providers and is an excellent tool to connect with patients, manage waitlists and enhance outpatient care. It was designed to improve outcomes, triage patients by need and deepen the therapeutic relationship. For information on outcomes, pricing and the clinical dashboard, visit onthewagon.ca or contact us at [email protected]

Wagon Recovery Tool For Healthcare Providers Wagon Recovery Tool For Healthcare Providers Wagon Recovery Tool For Healthcare Providers

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Wagon was qualified by OTN for meeting the criteria for the following desired outcomes: privacy, security, patient experience, benefits to the system, improved access to care and improved function and quality of life. The VOR can be accessed through OTN’s Innovation Centre at https://otn.ca/innovationcentre/substance-use-disorder/