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The Thompson Centre’s Intensive OCD Treatment model integrates psychological and psychopharmacology interventions to provide a comprehensive approach to care for people with severe and impairing OCD.

Our program is available in a residential treatment environment but can also be attended as a day patient when feasible. Your intensive treatment will be focused on intensive cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), with approximately 4 hours of exposure and response prevention (ERP) daily.

One Year Free Aftercare

At Edgewood, we realize that aftercare is critical for successful long-term addiction recovery. That’s why one year free aftercare is included in the price of our residential addiction treatment programs. We also provide the option of online aftercare through the Wagon mobile app.


Our residential program is located in our new partnership site at Bellwood Health Services in Toronto, Ontario, an independent living environment. Participants will receive individual and group treatment on a daily basis, delivered by a multi-disciplinary team with specialized training in OCD. The residential program provides a safe and open environment where individuals can work with our highly trained to staff to accomplish treatment goals.

Individuals admitted to our Day Treatment Program will receive individual and group treatment alongside residential clients but will return home at the end of each day. The Day Treatment Program is intended as a transition from residential treatment towards full discharge, in addition to being a program option for individuals whose OCD symptoms will not interfere with their participation in the day program, and who live within commuting distance to the program site.

This service is available to patients across the province with severe/treatment resistant OCD. Patients will meet with one of our team psychiatrists to complete a comprehensive evaluation, and determine appropriate treatment recommendations.

This is a one-time appointment for approximately 1-1.5 hours. The referring physician remains responsible for the patient’s care. Recommendations will be sent to the referring physician who can then determine with the patient if they wish to try the treatment suggested.

    • The Psychiatric Consultation may also include a follow-up appointment if needed.
    • An optional annual reassessment is available if requested by the treating physician.

Any physician can request an expedited phone consultation with one of our psychiatrists to discuss a patient’s condition and treatment options, without formally referring the patient to us for consultation. This is a one-time conversation and the referring physician remains responsible for the patient’s care. The referring physician will be contacted to set up a phone appointment with one of the psychiatrists on our team and will receive our recommendations directly during the call.

In addition to our intensive services, the Thompson Centre provides general outpatient services for mild to moderate OCD, as well as the offering specialized CBT-focused group treatments for:

    • Trichotillomania/Excoriation Disorder
    • Hoarding Disorder
    • Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Eligible Criteria

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