Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

We offer several confidential, no-commitment ways to learn more about our outpatient treatment options.


Flexible Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

With outpatient treatment, you can continue living at home while you begin your recovery journey. EHN Canada offers various outpatient services so you can receive the effective treatment you need – with minimal interruption to your life structure and responsibilities.

Available online and in-person at select locations,* we offer Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) for substance addiction, mental health disorders, and workplace-related trauma.

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*In-person treatment is subject to availability

Quality meets convenience

For many, getting effective treatment for mental health or addiction symptoms doesn’t need to involve a long stay in a treatment facility. Because our outpatient services are managed by our national network of expert rehabilitation facilities, our IOPs have the same high quality and proven effective treatment methods as our inpatient centres. The main difference? You get to recover while living in your own home.

Why choose outpatient treatment?

Returning home after inpatient treatment to previous triggers and patterns can be troublesome. Outpatient programs allow you to face your daily stressors while you complete the program. This means you can discuss triggers with counsellors as they arise to practice and learn effective coping mechanisms in real time. 

In addition, our outpatient programs offer:

  • Online and in person options*
  • Flexible scheduling to maintain work and home life
  • Personalized recovery plans 
  • A more affordable treatment option
  • The opportunity for loved ones to receive education on mental health and addiction
  • And 10 months of Aftercare programming to help maintain skills and accountability for your continuing recovery journey 

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs are high-quality and use treatment methods that are proven to be effective. But for those who require detox services or 24/7 medical supervision, an inpatient treatment program may be a better fit. 

*In-person outpatient options are subject to availability 

Looking for even more convenience?

Check out our online Intensive Outpatient Programs.