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Our Women’s Only Facility

Our unique Ledgehill for Women Treatment Centre, located in picturesque Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, offers female-only treatment quarters. While it isn’t the country’s only gender-specific treatment facility, Ledgehill is the only one to offer our high-quality, evidence-based treatment programs. And they are implemented by professionally trained and certified staff, in safe spaces for everyone to begin their recovery journey free from distraction or judgement.

Gateway Recovery Centre Facility

When your career means serving and protecting others, your own wellbeing often comes second. Peterborough’s Gateway Recovery Centre is designed to respond specifically to the mental health and addiction needs of military service members, veterans, first responders (including police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and flight medics), and frontline healthcare workers.

Ledgehill for Men, Our Men’s Only Addiction Rehab

Set in tranquil Nova Scotia, Ledgehill for Men helps those who need treatment for addiction and mental health concerns surrounded by a community of like-minded men free from pressures and judgments of co-ed treatment.

Sandstone: Our Inpatient & Outpatient Facility in Calgary

Sandstone is Alberta’s leader in addiction and mental health recovery. We’re proud to provide our patients with evidence-based treatments in a welcoming, home-like environment. Intimate and comfortable, Sandstone is designed to allow you to focus entirely on getting better. Both our private and public spaces provide the room you need to recover – without distraction.

Edgewood Treatment Centre: Our Inpatient & Outpatient Facility in Nanaimo, BC

Nestled among the natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s east coast in enchanting Nanaimo, Edgewood provides the evidence-based treatments and community support you need to get better. From our grounds to our living quarters and therapy spaces, Edgewood is designed for comfort, camaraderie, and successful recovery. 

Bellwood Health Services: Our Inpatient & Outpatient Facility

Standing on the grounds of the first mental health facility of its kind in Canada, Bellwood has a long legacy of healing mental health. We honor this tradition by continuing to provide medically excellent, evidence-based treatments to Canadians struggling with addiction and other mental health disorders. Our therapeutic space was created to provide surroundings that are simultaneously serene and motivating.