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Addiction & Recovery

Healing and Re-shaping your Trauma through Cognitive Processing Therapy
Healing and Re-shaping your Trauma through Cognitive Processing Therapy

Traumatic events happen all around us, so it should come as no…

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woman using computer for telehealth
Getting Online Addiction and Mental Health Treatment During COVID-19

The entire world population is experiencing trauma as a result of COVID-19.…

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happy, mentally healthy group of women
How Eating Disorders Affect Mental Health

Eating is absolutely essential for survival. We all know that food is…

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One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time: Solid Advice, In and Out of Recovery…

By Jeff Vircoe. This article was originally published July 7, 2017. Updated…

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Learn more about eating disorders and treatment
Eating Disorders and Similarities With Addiction

This article was originally published February 5, 2020. Written by Hillary Webster…

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Group therapy online video call
Hello, I’m Group Therapy and I’m an Effective Form of Treatment

When it comes to recovery from mental health disorders and addiction, you…

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Sex Addiction as an Intimacy Disorder

by Mike Quarress, CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) While we know relationships…

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Woman taking deep breath
The Importance of Hope in Addiction Recovery

By George Ratnanather. Updated January 6, 2021. Recovering from an addiction is…

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House of Miracles EHN Canada Addiction
House of Miracles

This article was originally published January 21, 2019. Updated December 30, 2020.…

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Jo Colette holiday picture blog
Holidays with Your Family in Recovery: From Surviving to Cherishing

Written by Jo Colette, recovered addict, tattoo artist, and mom. The holidays…

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Woman with mask outside during holidays
Recovering Through the Holidays: You’re Not Alone

With only two days until the last night of Hannukah, nine days…

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Solemn guy with drink on Christmas
Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Alcoholic:  Holiday Edition

After overcoming her own addiction, EHN alumna and current EHN Patient Care…

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