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What EHN Canada Is Doing to Protect Our Patients From Coronavirus COVID-19

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We know that COVID-19 has caused or worsened a host of mental health conditions for many Canadians, and while the best treatment may be inpatient treatment, we offer a variety of options to help, including a strong virtual outpatient program as well for those who absolutely cannot come to our facility.

EHN Canada places top priority on the health of its patients and staff. We go beyond standard protocols to ensure that necessary screening and prevention measures are in place so that our facilities are as safe as possible from coronavirus COVID-19 exposure. Patients continue to be supported wholeheartedly in their recovery.

We continue to work regularly with local Public Health Departments to ensure the following Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) measures are optimized. We follow best practices at each facility in accordance with local health regulations and we continuously monitor them for updates, improving our protocols accordingly. 

These measures are currently in effect at Bellwood, with some additionally being rolled out across all of our treatment facilities, as they are required by local Public Health regulation. If you have any questions, please call our team at 1-800-387-6198.

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