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How Much Does Rehab Cost in Ontario Canada?

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Many options are available for those considering treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, but how much does rehab cost in Canada?  We explore how treatment is funded here, specifically in the province of Ontario, and discuss other factors which affect cost.

Public vs. Private Funding

Government funded rehab programs vary from province to province. Residents of the province of Ontario can access drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan or OHIP.  There are also treatment centres which don’t receive government funding, which are privately run.

Getting Treatment at a Publicly Funded Rehab

Publicly funded drug rehab is covered in whole or in part by the Canadian government. However, the path to getting treatment can be lengthy with increasingly large numbers of people seeking rehab in Canada.

Those wanting to enroll in public rehab programs must register, and then are placed on a waiting list until room is available. This can take several months. In addition to this, publicly funded drug treatment also differs in terms of level of care. The personalized approach of a privately run treatment centre compared to a one-size-fits-all approach in publicly run programs is recognized as making a significant difference in outcomes.

Public rehab centres offer adequate addiction treatment, but funding constraints, combined with high client numbers, don’t allow them to provide customized treatment, or a level of comfort in their surroundings. Public treatment centres settings are similar to hospitals or institutions, whereas private centres are typically more comfortable or luxurious.

Getting Treatment at a Private Rehab

Getting addiction treatment at a private treatment centre will require you to cover the cost either alone or through your insurance company. In Canada, there are financing options available through Medicard. When clients weigh the cost of treatment versus the cost of addiction, financing is a valuable option.

Wait times for private treatment are significantly shorter than that of public centres. Private treatment centres can typically facilitate admission, if not immediately, within days – as opposed to months with public treatment programs.

Private rehabs also have more resources at their disposal; clients can expect more individual sessions and group treatment with fewer participants. Private centres are also able to offer higher staff-to-client ratios, better amenities, and more treatment options, that include a focus on mental health and underlying issues.

Other Factors Affecting Cost of Treatment

In addition to funding type, several other factors can affect how much rehab costs in Canada.

Services Offered

The services a private rehab offers, such as detox support, group and individual personalized treatment, qualifications and experience in the clinical team, holistic therapies, transitioning and aftercare services, and family support programs, can impact cost. Other cost-adding services include amenities like, nutrition, chef-prepared meals, private rooms, exercise facilities, sports areas, and private or semi-private rooms.

Length of Stay

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Typically, with inpatient rehabs, the cost of treatment is based on the length of stay. At most private programs, the length of stay required is based on individual needs and circumstance, with the understanding that the recovery journey is unique to the individual. The quality of the treatment and services offered play a significant role in the recovery process and length of stay. Private treatment programs differ in their treatment approach and amenities, but typically, they carry more benefits for participants than its publicly funded counterpart. It is important to do your research to find the right fit.


An accredited rehabilitation program is one that has been evaluated and found to meet particular standards of quality. Accreditation means that a facility is willing to meet high standards and deliver a high standard of care to its guests.

Qualifications of Staff

A residential rehab centre with highly qualified staff will factor into treatment cost. However, just as with accreditation, the more qualified the staff, the higher level of treatment and care they will be able to offer.

Specific Treatment

Addiction rehab that can offer specific substance use treatment is able to offer more individualized service. In treating military, veterans and first responders only, for example, Gateway Recovery Centre is able to offer clients a program that is specifically geared to military, veterans and first responders. They recognize the importance of gender specific treatment; how men and women deal with addiction and concurrent mental health issues differently.

Premier Residential Addiction Treatment for Military, Veterans and First responders

At Gateway Recovery Centre, the question “How much does rehab cost in Canada?” has many answers. We work with unions to obtain full coverage, and we can help you through the insurance or third-party financing application process.

If you are someone who is considering private residential treatment, or have a loved one in need of treatment,  we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our facility’s features and benefits. You can also get in touch with us for more information on our program and our treatment fees by calling: 1-705-874-2000.

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