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Killing Ourselves to Be Thin: An Eating Disorder Infographic

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 2-8, 2014. At Bellwood Health Services, bringing awareness about Addiction and Eating Disorders is part of our mandate. Thousands of women and men suffer from this deadly mental health illness with little or no support.

So much pressure is being placed by the media, friends, work, or sometimes family to look a certain way. For some, developing an eating disorder can be a way of dealing with the daily pressures of life. Men and women are getting caught in a cycle of weight gain and dieting to the point of self destruction.

To add to the plate, there is so much stigma being faced by these individuals, that it’s no wonder that instead of seeking help to get well, they begin to turn to drugs, sex or alcohol to cope with the uncontrollable in their lives.

At Bellwood, we have an eating disorder and addiction treatment program to help individuals struggling with an eating disorder and addiction for women and men 19 years and older.

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Here is a mind-boggling INFOGRAPHIC developed by Rader Programs, a treatment facility in US.