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NAATP Presents EHN with 2015 Quality Improvement Award

We are very proud to announce that the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers have presented us with James W. West, M.D. Quality Improvement Award. We join other prestigious and respected facilities such as the Betty Ford Center, The Hazelden Foundation and Foundations Recovery Network in receiving this award. This award recognizes addiction treatment centres that work to improve the quality and effectiveness of their services.

The Edgewood Health Network was founded for that very reason. We want to set a national standard of care for the treatment of addictions and mental health across the country. The addiction treatment industry in Canada has been confusing. It’s been an amalgamation of private, government owned and government contracted services. And within each of those segments there is a wide range of values and methodologies. Each province has different requirements. By going national and setting up our network, we’re about to bring clarity and consistency to Canadians. Our EASI tool allows us to make proper recommendations for treatment and we use these to create personalized treatment plans for every patient. We can place our patients in a variety of programs, based on the severity of the case and their geographic needs.

We are very proud to have received this award from NAATP. We will continue to move towards our goals, improving the quality of effectiveness of addiction treatment at the Edgewood Health Network.

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