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Our New Corporate Care Specialists Raise the Bar for Customer Service Excellence

EHN Canada Corporate Care Specialists Raise the Bar for Customer Service Excellence

As the calendar turns to 2019 and we begin a new year, there is no better time to reflect on the past year and take a moment to thank all of our referrers and hardworking, dedicated colleagues who play instrumental roles working with the patients we serve. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and support, and we value the relationships and mutual trust that we have developed with you over the years. It is our pleasure to serve you and the patients you refer to our treatment programs. Thank you!

We have created two new Corporate Care Specialist (CCS) positions at EHN Canada to further strengthen our working relationships by serving our referrers even better. We designed these positions to provide personalized concierge services when working with any of our corporate referrers, including disability managers, case managers, employee assistance programs, human resources managers, corporations, substance abuse programs, private practice clinicians, and return-to-work coordinators.

These Corporate Care Specialist (CCS) positions will improve the service and care that we provide by ensuring consistently effective communication with our referrers. Developing personal relationships with our referrers allows us to learn and satisfy each referrer’s unique needs. Our CCS’s will stay in touch with you throughout the referral process and will work proactively to address any issues that may arise.

Corporate Care Specialist Services

Corporate Care Specialist (CCS) services include the following:

  • Liaise between referrer and clinician to avoid “telephone tag”
  • Liaise between referrer and medical team, as necessary, to complete documentation to support short-term or long-term disability
  • Bi-weekly conferences to ensure that communication is running smoothly and that all LTD or return-to-work issues are being addressed in a timely manner
  • Return-to-work conferences with referrer and patient to discuss any return-to-work issues, as well as support to referrer with return-to-work documentation
  • Support referrer with setting up all necessary post-treatment appointments: return-to-work coordinator, aftercare, monitoring, etc.
  • Ensure that discharge summary and supporting documentation is sent to referrer, if applicable, in a timely manner

Meet Lisa Stockton, Corporate Care Specialist at Edgewood

We are very excited to announce Lisa Stockton’s role as Corporate Care Specialist (CCS) at Edgewood Treatment Centre in Nanaimo, BC. Lisa’s involvement and contributions to Edgewood cannot be understated—she has played pivotal roles, both in admissions and marketing, for 17 years before moving into a business development role.

Throughout her tenure at Edgewood, she has been instrumental in developing customer service solutions for professional referrers, resulting in a strong and stable referral base for Edgewood. The CCS position was a natural fit for Lisa, considering her strengths in developing wide and loyal networks of professionals. You can reach Lisa at 1-800-683-0111, extension 3322.



Meet Hanna James, Corporate Care Specialist at Bellwood

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new member to our team. Hanna James has officially accepted the new role of Corporate Care Specialist (CSS) at Bellwood Health Services in Toronto, ON. Hanna has been a stand-out performer in admissions since she joined our organization. Before joining EHN Canada, Hanna single-handedly ran admissions for a public addiction treatment center for seven years.

Hanna will be collaborating closely with our team to implement a new gold standard for referrer service quality. She has consistently received praise from our referrers for her courtesy, professionalism, and rigor.  These are all great qualities that Hanna will bring to her new role as a CSS which will be most valuable for improving the quality of service that we provide our referrers. You can reach Hanna at 1-800-387-6198, extension 1160.


We Are Committed to Serving You

The creation of these roles is part of EHN’s commitment to building a customer-centric culture throughout the organization. In their respective positions, Lisa and Hanna will be responsible for creating streamlined processes for seamless admissions. Our referrers can expect effective and consistent communication during treatment and at discharge, as well as prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

EHN Canada is the largest network of adult residential and outpatient treatment services in Canada. We offer world-class concierge services for the treatment of addiction, mental health, and trauma, with the goal of providing a pleasant and professional experience for those who refer people to our treatment programs. If you haven’t been to Edgewood or Bellwood recently, we invite you to contact us—we are happy to answer any questions you may have and would be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities.

Call Us Today

If you have any questions regarding our Corporate Care Specialist services, or if you would like to refer someone to an EHN Canada treatment program, please call Lisa or Hanna at one of the numbers below.

  • Lisa Stockton: 1-800-683-0111, extension 3322 (Edgewood, Nanaimo, BC)
  • Hanna James: 1-800-387-6198, extension 1160 (Bellwood, Toronto, ON)
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