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Our very own Vanisha Breault won the CMHA (Alberta) Nadine Stirling Award.

Vanisha Breault CMHA Alberta Nadine Stirling Award 2018 EHN Canada

Congratulations to our very own Vanisha Breault on winning the Canadian Mental Health Association (Alberta division)’s Nadine Stirling Award. It is awarded to a person with lived experience or immediate family member in recognition of their effort to attack stigma and/or support the development of self-help initiatives or facilitate consumer participation.

Vanisha Breault has overcome a past of abuse and addiction to become a social justice warrior in her community and a recovery advocate. She has not only demonstrated tremendous personal resiliency but also a profound commitment to helping those around her. She has worked with the street entrenched, struggling teenagers and men and women who are struggling with substance abuse issues.

In 2015 Vanisha created the Terminator Foundation  a non-profit organization that strives to use the Triathlon as a vehicle to impact youth who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. She teaches youth to persevere through their challenges and to strengthen both their minds and bodies.

In 2017 Vanisha joined our organization, EHN Canada as Community Relations Representative. Through this new alliance Vanisha now travels across the country spreading the EHN message of hope and recovery, educating organizations and individuals on the current landscape of mental health and what can be done to help save more lives.

Vanisha continues to find new ways to impact people’s lives every day and we congratulate her on the Nadine Stirling Award that is indeed well deserved. We are proud to have her in our EHN family.


Congratulations Vanisha