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Exercise for Addiction Recovery

As a physical health instructor working with individuals overcoming addiction, I have…

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Food Matters in Recovery

We all lead pretty busy lifestyles in this day and age.  We…

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Women and Alcohol: Why you’re not “one of the boys…”

In January 2013, The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) released a report…

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The Meaning of Recovery

Barak’s Lets Talk Corner:  What are the things you find most meaningful to…

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Tips for problem gamblers during the holiday season

In my previous post, I talked about general tips on coping during…

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What’s on Your List for the Holidays?

Tips on coping during the holidays: As the holiday season approaches, getting…

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The benefits of exercise in recovering from addiction

How important is it for someone in treatment for an addiction to…

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Someone in Our Family is Trapped in an Addiction

I have never met a person, who purposely set out to become…

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The One in Ten

Look around your office. Your family gathering. Look around the room at…

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A peek into – The Many Faces of Addiction Symposium

In a few weeks, Bellwood will be hosting a very special event,…

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The Great Equalizer: The Death of Eve Rausing

However she died, they were in it together. The drugs and the…

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HIGH: Tired Old Stereotypes Still In Play

I love a good night at the theatre. The  anticipation of the…

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