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Treating Multiple Addictions: Why We Treat Sexual Addiction and Substance Abuse Concurrently

Sexual addiction can be accompanied by other addictions and/or substance abuse. While…

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What Are the Signs of a Binge Eating Disorder or Compulsive Overeating?

What is the difference between overeating and binge eating? How is this…

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Most Important Questions to Ask a Treatment Provider

Have you begun to realize that you need professional help with your…

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Top Ten Online Addiction Recovery Resources

Addiction is a disease that affects so many aspects of our being.…

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Carbohydrates: The Simple and Complex Truth

Written by: Natalie Tilluckdharry According to Health Canada, ‘carbohydrates are the body’s…

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Self-Compassion and Psychological Well-Being: Applying Self-Compassion Principles to Well-Being

Written By: Barak Raz Our post-modern, technologically advanced, individualistic, wealthy, progressive and…

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The Power of Protein in Addiction Recovery – Part 2

The foods we eat play a powerful role in the way we…

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The Power of Protein in Addiction Recovery

Does the intake of protein play a role in addiction recovery? With…

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Exercise for Addiction Recovery

As a physical health instructor working with individuals overcoming addiction, I have…

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Addiction and Safety-Sensitive Assessments

In our previous post, we explored the topic of addiction in the…

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Addiction in the workplace and Safety-Sensitive Assessments

From big rigs to balance sheets – Addiction and safety sensitive assessments…

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Trauma, Addiction and Mood

Trauma, Addiction and Mood: Self-Regulation For Recovery A favourite saying in 12-Step…

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