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Twelve Signs That You May Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem

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You should be aware of the signs of addiction, since early detection and treatment maximizes the chances of achieving a successful long-term recovery.

The following are twelve signs that you may be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

(1) You Crave It

You have strong—sometimes uncontrollable—urges to seek out and use alcohol or drugs.
You have intrusive thoughts about using alcohol or drugs.

(2) You Keep Using More and More

You find yourself using more and more often.
You find yourself using more and more each time.
You find that you need larger and larger amounts to get the same effects—you’re developing a tolerance.

(3) You Can’t Cut Down (Or Stop)

You’ve tried to reduce the frequency or amount that you use, but you can’t.
You’ve tried to stop using and you felt withdrawal symptoms.

(4) You’re Going Broke

You’re spending all your money on alcohol or drugs.
You don’t have enough money to eat healthy or to pay your rent.

(5) You Don’t Have Time for Anything Else

You’re spending all your time getting, using, and recovering from alcohol or drugs.
You don’t have time for anything else and you’ve quit many of the activities that you used to enjoy.

(6) You’re Struggling in Your Classes

Your marks have been steadily declining since you started using alcohol or drugs.
You’re failing in one or more of your classes because of your alcohol or drug use.

(7) You’re Screwing up at Work

You’re failing to fulfill your responsibilities at work because of your alcohol or drug use.
You’re worried about getting fired from your job—or you’ve already been fired.

(8) You’re Losing Friends and Relationships

You lie, break promises, or behave inconsiderately towards friends and significant others because of your alcohol or drug use.
You’re losing friends and relationships with significant others.

(9) You’re Fighting with Your Family

You lie, break promises, or behave inconsiderately towards your family because of your alcohol or drug use.
You constantly ask your family members for money that you need to buy drugs or alcohol, and lie about why you need the money.

(10) You’re Living Dangerously

You’re putting yourself in dangerous situations because of your alcohol or drug use.
You’re endangering other people because of your alcohol or drug use.

(11) You Keep Using Even Though It’s Hurting You

You notice the ways in which it’s harming your life, but you keep using.
You’ve had health problems related to your alcohol or drug use, but you keep using.

(12) You’re in Denial

You rationalize your alcohol or drug use and try to convince yourself that everything’s okay.
You notice signs that you may have a problem, but you find creative ways of ignoring them.

12 signs infographic Now Is the Time to Get Help

If you see more than a couple of the signs in yourself, then it’s probably time for you to get help. If your problem is less severe, an outpatient program might be sufficient for your needs. If your problem is more severe, you might need a residential drug rehab program. Either way, you should seek out professional help to assess your problem and get you the help you need. If you do have an addiction, summer is a great time to start your recovery. If you start now, you can get better and get back to your life in time for the fall semester!

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