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9 questions to ask when choosing an addiction treatment centre for your employee

Do you have an employee with an addiction problem? Are you wondering what to do next?

You already know that the addiction is hurting their job performance and your bottom-line. Your calculations tell you that helping the employee recover is more cost effective than to find, train and replace him or her.

Your next challenge is to find the right alcohol and drug rehab centre that’s right for you and your employee.

But what’s ‘right’? What questions should you ask and what factors should you consider? With so many treatment providers, choosing the best can be a challenge.

The following list of questions will provide you, as the employer, necessary information to help your employees receive high quality comprehensive care that they need. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, the results may surprise you!

(1) What is the communication process between yourself and the treatment provider, both during and after your employee’s treatment program?

(2) What opportunities are available for you to be actively involved in the treatment process?

(3) What education is available to help you understand your employee’s treatment program and on-going support needs?

(4) Is your employee’s family included in the recovery process?

(5) How does the treatment provider assist with your employee’s return to work?

(6) What continuing care programs and post-treatment monitoring systems are available?

(7) How effective are the treatment methods relating to employer referred clients and are extensive outcome studies conducted?

(8) Does the treatment provider provide additional services including corporate interventions and safety sensitive assessments?

(9) What type of accreditation or licensing does the treatment centre have?

Helping an employee with an addiction is a serious matter to the employee, their performance and your bottom-line. Answering these questions will help take you closer to making the right choice.