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From Rink to Ranch

Meet Russell Purdy, the one-time NHL-hopeful turned Executive Director of EHN Canada’s…

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cocaine addiction man sad
Understanding Cocaine Addiction: Signs, Side Effects & Treatment

Although the use of cocaine in Canada is low among adults –…

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A Guide to Alcohol Detox
Alcohol Detox: A Guide To Detoxification & Withdrawal Symptoms

The more people drink, the more tolerant their body becomes to the…

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Celebrating One Year of Peterborough’s Gateway

To honor the first anniversary of bringing evidence-based treatment to first responders,…

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Helping Resistant Teens Into Treatment

EHN Online’s Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen IOP Program is an effective treatment…

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Hope For Family, 3 Hands Shaking For Comfort
How to Get a Loved One Into Rehab

It can be one of the most painful times in your life,…

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The Journey from Addiction to Recovery
Alcohol Addiction: A Treatment Program Is The Best Way To Beat Alcoholism

Can alcohol use disorder treatment really cure an alcohol addiction? Do alcohol…

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The Right Tools for the Best Online Treatment

There are plenty of online recovery programs offerings out there. But when…

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Two storey brick building with white wheelchair ramp, ten windows, and concrete steps set against a cloudy sky.
What to expect when you arrive for your first day of inpatient…

This article was written during the COVID-19 pandemic and makes reference to…

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people having coffee
Three Things to Consider When Choosing Your Recovery Centre

Is gender-specific addiction treatment right for you? This may not be the…

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house surrounded by trees and lushes
A Day in the Life at Ledgehill for Women

For many people, what goes on inside an addiction treatment facility is…

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tress and lushes near stairs
A Day in the Life at Ledgehill for Men

Few things are shrouded in more mystery than what happens behind the…

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