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Disclosure of Moral Injury

With Dr. Anthony Nazarov, PhD, PMP, Associate Scientific Director, MacDonald Franklin OSI Research Centre

Moral injury results from a single or repeated transgressions of an individual’s deeply held moral beliefs and expectations. This can be due to actions that a person performs, witnesses, or fails to prevent, often in connection with one’s professional duty. The consequence for this conflict in moral standards is lasting psychological, social, and spiritual harm. In this webinar, Dr. Anthony Nazarov, a Clinical Neuroscientist and Allied Scientist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and the MacDonald Franklin Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Research Centre, will share his insight and expertise on this topic. Gain a deeper understanding of moral injury and its impact on mental health, and explore current research into help-seeking behaviours as well as treatment and prevention strategies.
Learning Objectives:
  • Explore the current understanding of moral injury
  • Summarize the research landscape on moral injury and its impact on mental health
  • Identify gaps in theory, treatment, and prevention
  • Future directions

The content presented in this webinar was accurate at time of broadcast.