The Impact of Mental Health and Addiction on the Family System

Eligible CEU Credits
CACCF: 1 credits
MDPAC: 0 credits
CCPA: 0 credits
CVRP: 1 credits
HRPA: 0 credits
CPHR BC & Yukon: 0 credits
CPHR Alberta: 0 credits
CPHR Manitoba: 0 credits
CPHR Nova Scotia: 0 credits

With Merlene Sibley, Family Programs Counsellor, EHN Edgewood Nanaimo

When you love someone who has an addiction or struggles with their mental health, you develop your own ways to cope with the pain. Often, your life begins to revolve around helping them. It’s natural to want to help a loved one who is struggling. But, when caring for someone else negatively impacts your wellbeing, your selflessness can turn into codependency. If you over-support a family member or partner, you may grow resentful of the sacrifices you have to make, and begin to harbor unproductive feelings of resentment and anger that cause you to suffer further. It is vital to commit to the patients’ family’s success – after all, loved ones can help patients sustain their recovery during and after treatment. Join Merlene Sibley, Family Program Counsellor at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo, on Tuesday, July 23, from 12pm – 1pm EST as she further explains what codependency is and the support family members may need when their loved one is finished with treatment.

Date: Tues., July 23, 2024
Time: 12pm – 1pm EST

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore what codependency is and how it influences the treatment journey
  • Review the three areas in which support networks are needing more assistance
  • Discuss the four elements of selfcare
  • Introduction to local treatment programs

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