EHN Canada


Treatment Options for Major Depressive Disorder

With Dr. Tim Ayas, MD, FRCPC, CCFP, MPH, BSc

Psychiatrist at EHN Sandstone

Mental illness affects people of all ages, education, income levels, and cultures; however, systemic inequalities such as racism, poverty, homelessness, discrimination, colonial and gender-based violence, among others, can worsen mental health and symptoms of mental illness, especially if mental health supports are difficult to access. According to a Federal government study, Major Depression Disorder (MDD) affects approximately 5.4% of the Canadian population, and anxiety disorders affect 4.6% of the population. MDD, also referred to as clinical depression, is a significant medical condition that can affect many areas of your life. It impacts mood and behaviour as well as various physical functions, such as appetite and sleep. Join Dr. Tim Ayas, Psychiatrist at our Sandstone facility located in Calgary, as he leads an informative and educational presentation pertaining to his expertise with Major Depressive Disorder.


  • Define and understand what Major Depressive Disorder is
  • Identify the impacts of Major Depressive Disorder on mood, behaviour and physical functions
  • Evidence based overview of treatment options for MDD
  • Introduction to local treatment programs

The content presented in this webinar was accurate at time of broadcast.