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Dear Josh and the staff at Bellwood

“ I would like to share a few words to express my gratitude to all of the Bellwood Family. When I arrived at Bellwood and crossed the bridge into the open arms of the waiting staff. I immediately felt the care and love they had for me. They helped me to begin my journey through the Bellwood evolution towards change. From the care of the medical staff, administration staff, kitchen staff, maintenance, and cleaning staff that cheefully took care of all my needs. From the rigorous daily routine, to the many rules, and the adaptation to life in a community setting. The support counsellors with much patience and helpfulness guided me through. To the outstanding teaching of new thoughts on life, spirituality, coping skills, and a life changing discovery of who I am, and who I could become. Delivered expertly by a highly motivated and caring staff of counsellors. You have set my feet firmly on the pathway from evolution to change, and I will forever be grateful to all of you.”


From Evolution To Change


From: Wasted time, defeat, and failure

To: Growth, fulfillment, and happiness.


From: Prejudice, unfairness, and exclusion.

To: Brotherhood, justice, and inclusion.


From: Doubt, Fear, and loneliness.

To: Faith, trust and community.


From: Lying, anger, and hate.

To: Honesty, peace, and love.