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You’ve taken the first step in your recovery. Reaching out takes a tremendous amount of courage, and we commend you. Our admissions counsellors will be contacting you to see how we can support you in your recovery process.

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Is substance abuse the real problem? A mental health disorder may be the cause

When a mental health disorder causes a substance abuse problem, the condition is called a co-occurring or concurrent disorder (also known as or dual-diagnosis or comorbidity). Simply put, it means having both an addiction and a mental health disorder at

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EHN Canada Drug Rehab Alcohol Addiction Treatment Logo

EHN Canada’s new Eating Disorders Program, launching March 1, is helping those turned away by public healthcare options

Toronto, ON – Bellwood Health Services, part of the EHN Canada nationwide network of premier treatment centres, is offering a new program designed to treat both eating disorders and concurrent mental health and addiction disorders. …Read More

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Veteran Toronto detective admits to taking opioids from evidence locker for personal use

A Toronto homicide detective with 32 years of police experience has resigned after his opioid addiction came to light: he admitted to stealing opioids from evidence locker in order to feed his addiction. Although there is an ongoing investigation to

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Safety precautions against COVID-19

COVID-19 should not prevent someone from being able to receive life-saving addiction and mental health treatment. Rest assured that we are taking every step possible to protect our current patient population from contracting the infection.

Our facilities have policies and protocols in place to protect patients, including screening new patients, limiting visitors, and moving aftercare groups to online meetings.

Continue to our action plan to see what we are doing to protect our patients from COVID-19.