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Addiction and Family: Family Roles in Addiction and How Everyone Gets Hurt

Drug and alcohol addiction are conditions that affect not only the substance user but the people close to them as well. The dynamics of addiction and family members can result in a range of harmful interactions and outcomes that make addiction a family disease. Family members of individuals with addiction often struggle with addiction themselves. However, even if an individual grows up in a family with addiction and doesn’t develop an addiction themselves, they’ll still be more likely to struggle with trauma, mental health, and developmental disorders. Furthermore, the many family roles in addiction can produce codependent or enabling behaviours that perpetuate the addiction.

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How to Help Someone With Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

How to Help Someone With Drug Addiction or Alcoholism: 5 Stages of Change

So, you know someone with drug addiction or alcoholism and you want to help them, but you have no idea where to start? We understand that approaching such conversations constructively can be very difficult in the best of times—and even

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Remembrance Day and Alcoholics Anonymous—Connections Between the Military and Recovery

Remembrance Day and Alcoholics Anonymous: Connections Between the Military and Recovery

As November 11th approaches, it’s appropriate to consider how the history of the fellowship that has saved millions of lives is tied into the concept of remembrance, as well as the historical and spiritual parallels that exist between the program and the military.

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