Webinars 2020

Webinars 2020

We’re pleased to announce that these webinars are eligible for continuing education units (CEU’s) recognized by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) 

Past Webinars

webinar Jan

Substance Use and Malnutrition

With Gail Kardish (Jan 30)

  • Understand Nutrients and their functions with individuals with addictions
  • Healthy eating guidelines for those individuals with addiction
  • Feeding the brain in recovery
  • Webinar Feb

    Introduction to WAGON and Online IOP

    With Juliana Kulic, Michael Hathaway and Rochelle Hildebrand (Feb 19)

    WAGON is an online outpatient clinic and ongoing aftercare platform created for addiction and substance use disorders. Using a combination of video counselling and recovery planning in our WAGON app, our programs are designed for those who can’t access addiction treatment in-person for aftercare following inpatient treatment or our outpatient services. Whether you live in a remote community, have a busy schedule or work shifts, WAGON can provide you with high-quality treatment for substance use disorders at home and on-the-go.

    This Webinar does not provide any CEU’s


    Self Compassion in Treatment

    With Sandeep Marwa (Mar 19)

  • Identify the components for self compassion
  • Examine the research behind self compassion
  • Understand the use of self compassion as a therapeutic tooL
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    DetailsWagon Webinar

    WAGON – Virtual Treatment for Mental Health and Addictions while Social Distancing

    With Jessica Stapleton, Michael Hathaway and Rochelle Hildebrand (Apr 16)

    By using WAGON, our patients, alumni, and community members can continue to have excellent mental health and addiction care, even if they need to quarantine themselves. While the ideal situation is for anyone who needs addiction or mental health treatment to be able to come to our facilities, we want to reach out and help as best we can in these unprecedented times – especially for those living in remote communities, who cannot access the care they need.

    This Webinar does not provide any CEU’s

    Webinar May v2

    What is Sex Addiction: Debunking the myths

    With Evan Newton (May 21)

  • Identify different types of sex addiction
  • Understand the relationship of sex addiction and early life attachment trauma
  • Introduction to Patrick Cares Recovery Task model used in Sex addiction programming
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    Webinar June

    Use of Energy Conservation Techniques To Improve Scheduling and Planning

    With Scott Wooder (Jun 18)

  • Increase awareness of how fatigue impacts daily functioning and the link to keeping individuals within the "depression cycle"
  • Introduce strategies to break this cycle in a more sustainable way
  • Learn more about strategies to improve daily/weekly planning and maintaining consistency with them
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    Webinar July

    Gambling Addiction

    With Laura Politi (Jul 16)

  • Defining a gambling addiction (Process addiction)
  • Tools that can be utilized with problem gamblers
  • Understanding gambling triggers, relapse prevention and healthy management of money
  • The emotional meaning of money
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    Return to Work Webinar July 30

    Return to Work During A Pandemic: What You Need to Know

    With Yvette Brown (Jul 30)

  • Supporting employees returning to work during COVID-19
  • Supporting employees who are continuing to work from home
  • Psychological effects of both situations
  • What the company can do (and can offer) for these employees
  • AugustWebinar

    Working on the Front Lines of a Pandemic: Helping Those Helping Others

    With Dr. Vivien Lee (guest) and Colette Currin (Aug 6th)

  • Identify challenges and stressors for first responders and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Overview of adaptive coping and emotion regulation strategies
  • The need for first responder-specific treatment
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    Singing in the Mud Webinar

    Singing in the Mud - Managing Mental Health in the Age of Uncertainty (sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart)

    With Dr. Anita Federici (guest) & Agustina Jorquera (Aug 20th)

  • Symptoms of emotional distress and burnout
  • Evidence-based strategies for reducing emotional vulnerability and bolstering resilience
  • Mindfulness skills for work with clients to reduce anxiety and manage uncertainty
  • What happens when patients deteriorate in the community despite using coping strategies or applying them inconsistently
  • Link between mental Health and substance use disorders
  • This Webinar provides 1.0 Ceu’s​

    Shopper’s Webinar

    Current and Novel Approaches to Opioid Use Disorders (sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart)

    With Dr. Jennifer Wyman, (Sep 10th)

  • A medical module for physicians and non-physicians
  • Current updates on Opioid-Use Disorder, new treatments and approaches
  • Policy on opioid use treatment
  • This Webinar provides 1.0 Ceu’s​

    CCSA Webinar

    Surfing the Second Wave: Maintaining Service Access During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Presented by the CCSA (Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction) (Sept 24)

  • Learning about what did and did not work well to ensure continuity in the provision of substance use services and supports during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Deriving valuable information on what preparations are in progress or can still be made for a potential second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Working with codependency webinar banner

    Working with Codependency

    With Natalie Cournoyea (Oct 15)

  • Defining codependency
  • How to set and maintain health boundaries
  • Importance of self care / recognizing your own needs
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    October 29 Webinar

    Medications used in Addiction Treatment

    With Dr.Ilan Nachim (Oct 29)

  • Learn about medications used for long term management of substance use
  • Understand how medications can be effective in managing cravings
  • This Webinar provides 0.5 Ceu’s​

    Webinar – Helping Clients on Disability Leave

    Helping Clients on Disability Leave: Guidance for Healthcare Professionals

    With Leanne Goldstein (guest) (Nov 12)

  • Understand what healthcare professionals can contribute to the application process for disability leave, particularly in the context of substance abuse and mental health claims
  • Know the applicable tests for disability and how these are applied
  • Learn about the tools used by insurers to adjudicate claims
  • Gain insight into the importance of treatment and rehabilitation provisions in applicable insurance policies
  • EHN Webinar

    First Responders: Moral Injury & Building Resilience

    With Dr. Katy Kamkar (guest) (Nov 26)

  • Define moral injury, and how these impact mental health and function
  • Explain the difference between moral injury and PTSD
  • Key strategies for building resilience pathways
  • This Webinar provides 1.0 Ceu’s​

    EHN Webinar

    Mental Health & Self-Care for the Holidays

    With Janina Barnett, Debbie Broessler, and Colette Currin (Dec 17)

  • Challenges facing families over the holidays, particularly in light of pandemic-related safety precautions and restrictions
  • Tips for practicing self-care while supporting loved ones struggling with mental health and addiction
  • How and where to seek help
  • This Webinar provides 1.0 Ceu’s​