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Sex & Love Addiction Treatment

Stigma makes it difficult to ask for help when you struggle with compulsive sexual behaviour. When you turn to EHN Canada for help, you leave shame behind and join a safe space for recovery.
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Our Approach to Sex & Love Addiction Treatment

If uncontrollable sexual impulses have taken over your life, we can help you restore a healthy relationship with intimacy. 

We’ve based our sex addiction counselling curriculum on research from world-renowned experts and pioneers in the treatment of sex addiction. Our evidence-based sex addiction treatment programs help you address underlying factors and triggers.

Our certified sex addiction therapists have master’s level degrees and at least five years of counselling experience. They’re here to help you overcome intimacy dependency so you can build the foundation for lasting recovery.

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How To Succeed in Sex & Love Addiction Treatment

We provide you with the support you need to build constructive behaviours and maintain healthy relationships – both during, and after, your time with us.  

Your lasting success begins in treatment. We regularly assess your progress and adjust our approach to fit your needs, while working on any underlying aspects of your mental health that may contribute to sex addiction.

When you finish treatment, eligible patients join our aftercare program, which includes access to sex addiction support groups. If you’re not ready to return home after inpatient treatment, you can join our extended care program at Edgewood. 

We’re here for you through every step of your recovery.

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