Financial Information

Understanding the Cost of Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Getting treatment for substance use or mental health disorders is essential to Canadians’ well-being. At EHN Canada, we’re dedicated to delivering the very best in evidence-based treatment with the lowest wait times possible. 

As a network of private healthcare treatment providers, our cost of inpatient and outpatient treatment varies by individual need, location, programs, and other factors. 

Funded Beds and Split Payments

We do not want the economic cost of treatment to be a barrier to getting treatment for substance use or a mental health disorder. It’s why we work to offer as many privately and publicly funded beds as possible. Call (1-866-867-5787) to speak with an admissions counsellor to learn more. 

We do our best to accommodate our patients’ preferred payment methods. Splitting payment is viable and if you require further flexibility, give us a call and we can discuss your options. 

At the time of admission, patients can pay via a combination of ways: 

  • Credit card and wire transfer
  • Credit and debit
  • Multiple credit cards
  • Two different guarantors
  • Financial accessibility options (mentioned below)

Please note: Certified cheques are accepted as a payment method, but personal cheques are not accepted. 

Financial Accessibility Options for Our Treatment Programs

In order to make our treatment programs available to as many patients as possible, we do accept a variety of additional payment options. These include:

  • Workplace benefits and insurance
  • Medicard
  • Bank loans
  • Healthcare credit cards

Accessing Workplace Benefits or Insurance Plans

Private medical insurance plans can help cover costs that are outside the scope of publicly funded coverage. More and more insurance companies are covering the cost of mental health and addiction treatment. Depending on coverage and your province of residence, some or all treatment costs may be covered. The easiest way to check if it’s covered by your insurance provider is to call them and ask if they cover “non-provincially funded treatment.” Once your insurance provider has confirmed that they do cover it, our admissions counsellors are very familiar with this process and will provide appropriate documentation as requested. 

We do not provide itemised quotes, but we can send the quote with a letterhead. If you are accessing treatment through your employer, details vary. Call (1-866-867-5787) to speak with an admissions counsellor to learn more. 

Using Medicard 

EHN Canada is partnered with Medicard, a Canadian patient financing company that offers a simple and affordable option to finance medical services. Medicard’s aim is to avoid delay of treatment due to cost concerns by offering a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payment plans. 

Click here to view the Medicard website. 


If you require financial assistance, iFinance is available for Canadian citizens. Through them, you can apply for financing and possibly be approved for the funding you require for treatment at an EHN Canada facility.

EHN Canada does not receive any financial benefits or payments from iFinance for this service. We have engaged with iFinance as an option for clients that require financial assistance.

To find out more information please reach out to iFinance at 1-888-689-9876 or visit

If you would like to apply for financial assistance through iFinance, the next steps are:

  • Call iFinance at 1-888-689-9876 or visit the iFinance website here
  • Click “Get Started” and complete their pre-qualifying loan questionnaire 
  • iFinance will review your questionnaire and a iFinance representative will be in contact with you
  • iFinance will determine if you’re eligible and provide you with an update on whether your loan is approved or not approved. If approved, you can then make the decision if you would like to move forward with the loan.
  • If approved, iFinance will reach out to EHN Canada confirming the loan amount 

Getting a Bank Loan

You can also access financing options from your financial institution. Financial institutions can offer personal loans for low interest rates. Contact your financial institution to inquire about financing options. 

Using Healthcare Credit Cards

Some credit card companies offer specialised healthcare cards with lower interest rates than standard credit cards. This allows for the price of treatment to be funded and then paid off through instalments over time, alleviating some of the immediate financial pressure. Reach out to your financial institution of choice to learn about the healthcare credit cards available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paying for Rehabilitation

How much do EHN Canada’s treatment programs cost?

Our prices vary by individual need, location, programs, and other factors. Call us to speak with an admissions counsellor to learn more about pricing and financing options that suit your needs. 

Are EHN Canada’s programs covered by my insurance plan?

Yes, depending on your insurance provider and workplace benefits, you may be covered. The easiest way to check if EHN’s treatment is covered by your insurance provider is to call them and ask if they cover “non-provincially funded treatment.”

My benefits mention Bellwood. What does this mean?

If your employee benefits say “Bellwood Private Hospital,” it means the programs available at EHN Bellwood Toronto can be partially funded. If it says “Bellwood Total Health,” it means the programs can be fully funded. Call to speak with our admissions counsellors to learn more about employee benefit details. 

Is EHN Canada’s treatment tax exempt?

Our inpatient programs are tax exempt. At times, EHN Canada’s treatment can be claimed as a medical expense, consult your accountant and our counsellors for more information. Call to speak with our admissions counsellors to learn more about tax exemption details.