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Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen Program

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Online programs offering counselling, education and support for teens

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Mental Health Treatment for Teenagers

Designed for teens aged 14-17 experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen Program is a virtual program that provides the counselling, education, and support they need to thrive.

Also included are educational and supportive sessions for caregivers to help foster a healthy and open environment for teens to grow.

It can be easy to dismiss changes in a teen’s mood or behaviour as simply “being a teen.” But they may really be struggling with their mental health. Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen Program can help.

Teen Mental Health

An Online Mental Health Program Created Just For Teens and Caregivers

Our online program is uniquely designed for teens struggling with depression and anxiety. Using a combination of dynamic coping strategies, evidence-based care, and our app, this program provides a supportive, structured treatment experience to help youth and their caregivers make meaningful changes in their lives and wellbeing.


More about the Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen Program:

  • Developed and led by clinicians specializing in Child and Youth mental health
  • Easy access with no disruption to school schedules
  • Outcome measurement is utilized to assess progress in treatment
  • Referring professionals may receive progress reports with consent
  • Caregiver involvement is encouraged throughout treatment with the youth’s consent to ensure ongoing strategies/skills are implemented and supported in their environments
  • Combination of talk therapy and interactive exercises
  • Media, music and game-based mindfulness
  • Discharge recommendations to help maintain long-lasting recovery

What Skills Will Teens Develop?

The program curriculum is designed to help teens develop a thorough understanding of their mental health as well as provide a variety of skills and practices to help improve their quality of life, including:

  • Mindfulness that be can integrated into daily life ​
  • Practical grounding and self-soothing techniques​
  • Sensory coping skills ​
  • Distress tolerance and emotional regulation
  • Managing discomfort and diffusing difficult emotions​
  • Resiliency tools for coping​
  • SMART goal setting

Combining education with support

The Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen Program is facilitated entirely online and through our app. It includes eight weeks of intensive group sessions and individual therapy.

With the youth’s consent, nine hours of family education for caregivers is provided where they will learn:


Skills for parental coaching and cooperation​


Family safety-planning​


Psychoeducation on mental health ​


Increasing effective responses ​


Strengthening abilities to co-regulate​


Identifying new boundary setting strategies​


Building awareness ​


Setting healthy limits

A More Affordable Treatment Option

About half the hourly cost of the average youth counselling service, this online program is a more affordable option for some families.

We have proudly partnered with New Start Foundation to offer fully subsidized spots to those who qualify for financial assistance. 

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