Gateway Recovery Centre

Ontario’s Premier Facility for Military, Veterans, and First Responders.

At our location just outside Toronto, Ontario, we’re constantly updating our program offerings to provide our patients with the most up-to-date, medically accurate treatments. That’s what makes Gateway the most effective trauma and addiction treatment centre.

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Your Recovery

At Gateway Recovery Centre, we understand that your struggle with trauma, alcohol or drug addiction, or a concurrent disorder is unique, and that you may benefit from being immersed in a community of people with similar experiences. Not only will your trauma and addiction be addressed in private sessions, but you’ll also be able to heal alongside people who truly understand what you’re going through.

Our Space

Set in tranquil Peterborough, Ontario, near Toronto amidst rolling fields and green spaces allows you to truly focus on your treatment experience. We have both indoor and outdoor treatment facilities to help you stay active, because recovery is both mental and physical.

Gateway Facility

Our History

Gateway Recovery Centre has a firmly rooted tradition in holistic treatment, meaning that we treat not only substance use, but any underlying trauma and mental health conditions that may contribute to it. As part of EHN Canada, Gateway’s staff has had a proud and lengthy history of helping military service members, veterans, first responders, and healthcare providers overcome their mental health challenges. We are also Accreditation Canada certified.


Endorsed by the IAFF

EHN Canada is exclusively endorsed by The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) as the preferred rehab treatment provider for Canadian IAFF members. Members are given priority admissions to our existing Military, Veteran and First Responder programs at Gateway Recovery Centre. It is Ontario’s premier mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment centre for military members, veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers. Our highly specialized clinical team is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatments to our patients. Spread across 14 acres of forest near Peterborough, Gateway provides a serene, inviting environment for recovery.

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Gateway's Treatment Programs & Services

How it Works

Pre-Screening Assessment

Find out if our program is right for you.

Care Plan

Meet with our addiction recovery team to build your treatment plan.

Detox & Stabilization

If struggling with substance use, you’ll prepare for rehab with 24/7 nursing support and supervision.


Spend seven to ten weeks healing at Gateway using a tried and tested, therapy-intensive program including the use of DBT and CBT.

Family Participation

We invite your family to learn how to support you in your recovery.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Work with our therapists to develop a plan that will work for you.


Leave Gateway with a schedule of maintenance sessions and access to alumni support.

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Stories from Gateway

What I learned was life altering for me—not just in dealing with my addiction, but also in dealing with the underlying causes.

Mike D